BroDen breaks ground for new buildings

BroDen breaks ground for new buildings

In line with the College’s plans for further improvement, the construction of the planned sports complex and its adjacent dormitory officially commenced with the on-site groundbreaking ceremony yesterday, March 13, on Muñoz St. near the School of Design and Arts (SDA) campus.


Photos by Christina Maravilla


“The idea was to build [a] family rather than just to have a home, to have a dorm to stay in and be near school. It’s about forming relationships,” said Benilde President Br. Dennis “BroDen” Magbanua FSC, who revealed the planned additions to the College in a Town Hall Assembly last November 10.


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According to BroDen, the new building, which will be called the Dormitory and Sports Complex (DSC) for the mean time, will include around 260 to 270 beds for athletes and scholars who have dorm privileges. To focus on the College’s sports program, a basketball and volleyball court, weights room, soundproof area for the pep squad, and an office for Central for Sports Development will also be constructed.


In addition, a student lounge and center, dining area, studying area will be made available for students to utilize.


“This Dormitory and Sports Complex is indeed a gift to the students,” BroDen, who also spearheaded the ceremony, said. He added the new compound will give students more opportunities and help make their college life more meaningful.


The dormitory will be finished by 2018, while the sports complex will be opened a little bit later. However, BroDen reiterated everything will be ready to use within two years. Architect Leandro Poco Jr., who has also done some work in De La Salle Zobel, will take point for the building’s aesthetics.


As part of a fund raising project for the building, naming rights will be conducted for those who want to sponsor construction costs and the scholars for which the dormitory is intended. Students or organizations can pay a fee of Php 88,000 to get their names imprinted outside of the dormitory rooms. Notably, the Php 88,000 price is a special student rate, in commemoration of the College’s establishment in 1988.


Last January 16, the groundbreaking for the Academic Building 4, a 10-floor building which will house the new School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management’s Solomon Restaurant, and the country’s first oenology (wine-tasting) lab, as well as additional classrooms, cafeteria, and chapel, was presided over as well by BroDen and a handful members of the Board of Trustees.
The construction of a sports complex was planned as far back as 2013, but the construction was temporarily postponed due to the decline of new students because of the K to 12 program.


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