On modern love and humor

On modern love and humor

Set in the cozy, yet compact space of Splice Restobar, “Ang Walang Katapusang Sequel” (AWKS) revolves around the stories of 6 lovers, all in strained situations which the average viewer can relate to. The piece covers a select few stages and types of love, namely beginnings, closure, and even forbidden love.


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The single-act play begins with four friends: Vincent, Alice, Matt, and Janice, all seated in a bar, immersed in a light-hearted conversation that gives viewers a small glimpse into their situations.


Intensity begins to set in the play when the theme of forbidden love comes in, represented by Vincent and Chris. The two former lovers attempt to discuss their past romance, opening up another theme: staying true to oneself.


Next is a duet by friends Alice and Matt, which escalates to an exchange of amusing hugot, and ends with both characters walking out of the area after a heated exchange.  


Following the second story is a scene that involves Ryan and Tina, two new characters who find themselves out of past relationships, and turn to each other for a humorous discussion on how women should be treated.


Humor, however, is replaced with another intense scene between two former flames. Ryan and Janice introduce a final concept of love that would affect any patron: closure.


The two former flames that try to piece together a justification for Janice’s sudden departure. Janice’s evasiveness is somehow countered with Ryan’s persistence, but it is put to rest with a sour reveal.


In the final scene, the characters are brought together two years later, ending the heart-wrenching play on a tear-jerking, yet joyful note, one that is bound to get a tear from any “halaman.”

The story behind AWKS

The play, which is written and directed by Benilde alumnus Alvin Molina (who also stars as “Chris”), is no ordinary play about love; as Molina says, the play is a “modern approach to romance,” one that takes audiences into conversations about love that they usually hear in the background when they set foot in a bar. Antrosininglaya, an organization which started with a group of people who just graduated college and made acting an outlet, is behind bringing Molina’s creation to life.


AWKS began as an idea with how they “could make people feel love if they don’t even know what it is,” and was inspired by the the occurrence that “nauuso ‘yung hugot, and this is [their] take with the demand whilst satisfying [their] desires as theater actors.”


Although the play itself is one that is easily described as a rollercoaster ride of emotions, it is not the only thing that has plot-twists. The sudden appearance of characters unbeknownst to the performers themselves (with the exception of Molina) is another thing that takes most people in the play by surprise, both performers and regular patrons alike. What started out as Molina’s idea became a constant aspect in the play, helping the actors not only practice their skills in adlibbing, but also stay true to their purpose, which is to enjoy their craft.


With plot, analysis, and background aside, AWKS is a play that breaks the conventions of theater, but for a great cause. Adding to the play’s already extensive list of unique characteristics, the interaction between the cast and audience, and intimacy of the setting (brought about by the audience being no longer than an arm’s length away from the cast) help the play make an even bigger impact on its patrons. AWKS’ soundtrack is also notable, as it helps the audience make a contribution to the play by allowing them to sing along to the tunes churned out by the acoustic band in the play.


The whimsical, yet profoundly-emotional play is set for another set of shows on April 1 (5 p.m and 9 p.m), and April 2 (3 p.m and 7 p.m) in Soma Bistro, located in Green Sun Hotel, on Chino Roces Extension, Makati City.


For inquiries and reservations, contact Charms through 09175701211, or message their official Facebook page.

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