Monday 3 October 2016

When making an infographic, these principles of design may help you effectively get your point across. Save these for a design reference.   ... Read More

When applied to the elements of design, these principles of design can make the difference in turning your work into a success. Save this infographic as a design reference. ... Read More

Designers, admit it: getting used to Adobe’s Pen Tool was a frustrating experience. It is one of the easiest to use, but the most difficult to master. Looks like Adobe has heard your prayers, for It has developed Weber, a new game to master the Pen Tool! By pressing ‘P’, you can start c... Read More

People normally don’t pay much attention to details, but for graphic designers, a keen sense of detail can make or break careers.  Making a typeface is not an easy task. Each line is carefully drawn to bring out a typeface’s elegance and character. Shape Type is a game that will challenge your ... Read More

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