On most Saturday nights, people get caught up in the night life; drowning in waves of Pale Pilsen and dancing to the beats of Martin Garrix. But tonight, let’s slow things down and chill in the local music scene by catching the Sound Architects’ album launch. The Sound Architects will be ... Read More

More than just a celebration of the millennial voice and potential, SCOUT x CSB last May 17 also served as an invitation for students to share their common interests in art and music, as well as feature some of the College’s young talent.   This year’s hangout featured Benildeans such... Read More

The calm, waiting silence that fills the jampacked and dimly lit room suddenly dissipates once he drops the beat, where his lines tug at relevant political issues, mixed with visions of 90’s anime culture portrayed by his words. The lyrics, the rhythm, all these are displayed with dominance over h... Read More

Once known as a soul revival movement, neo-soul best represents the evolution of popular music, and is the genre of those who are anything but ordinary. The love child of R&B and soul has made a name for itself with its predominant female presence, deviation from electronic influence, and re... Read More

Faded faux-brick walls, dim lights, and eerie writings made by the projectors near the stage are enough to raise the hairs of any patron who walks through the theater doors. Upon entering the venue, however, the props speak of the emotional weight that is to come once the even eerier story begins. W... Read More

Known for our attitude toward holidays, Filipinos tend to make any type of celebration festive—some even more than they should be. Whether in observance of religious or non-religious holidays, the bottles of Emperador Light, outdoor karaoke marathons, and atmosphere of general festivity usually be... Read More

Wednesday 12 October 2016

This week’s Weekly Tune-up is courtesy of former Promil Kid musical prodigy-turned-piano virtuoso RJ Pineda from the widely-acclaimed blues quartet “The Brat Pack” and soul supergroup “Apartel.” Brimming with tracks from  jazz and soul artists such as legendary soul band The Commodores, t... Read More

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