Around this time every year, we reunite with a new source of stress: the holiday shopping season. The time for long lines, crowded stores, and endless traffic is finally upon us. But don’t be disheartened just yet; this 11-track playlist is guaranteed to uplift your splurging spirit. With c... Read More

With a tale imbued by government instability, moments of capture, and the attempt of resonating the story of class struggles, the performance collective Karilyo conveyed the depth of fear and inhumanity in an unfamiliar setting while reviving the narrative of Jesus through the art of shadowplay ... Read More

December is finally here. Besides the month’s much awaited holiday festivities, Star Wars fans will finally witness Luke Skywalker as he returns in The Last Jedi. To make things even more hyped up, let this this playlist be your in-flight music before taking off once again to a galaxy far, far... Read More

Although we try to welcome the holidays with open arms, this term’s hell week has finally come to haunt us, bringing waves of stress and lethargy. But alas, every struggle is made easier with a rocking playlist to reawaken the senses. Let the likes of Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, and AC... Read More

As the ghoulish feels ceased their revelry for October, along with December's festivities stranded between storms, we have quietly transitioned through November. In just a few more weeks, we’ll be kissing this term goodbye. Hang on and brave the rest of the storm with this warm collection o... Read More

Hey, everyone! Benny here! Ambition and hard work can take a toll on everyone; but the right playlist makes it at least bearable. From morning relaxations, to afternoon boosts, and to night time commutes, I consider these songs the soundtrack of my daily grind. Bustle through hectic schedules... Read More

Light rains, longer nights, cooler winds, along with weeks of class disruption, all created the perfect downtime everyone needed. Before the hustle returns, let your senses fall into this low-key playlist bound to help you loosen up before setting the alarm for your next 8 a.m. class. Consist... Read More

Strange things are happening. Everywhere you turn, there are killer clowns and red balloons. Is someone watching you? Although you can’t shake the feeling of dread, you’re prepared to gain a happy bit of pudge from candy buffets. For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year—time to... Read More

In today’s fast-paced and stress-filled lives, a simple rush of nostalgia from one’s childhood can make things feel more bearable. For those who grew up with the magic of Disney films, there’s nothing quite like singing along to the tunes that remind us of the power of imagination. With... Read More

A curious amalgam of rhythmic percussion, tribal chants, and tropical tongue will make you wish you were in a video game running for your life from a giant gorilla while collecting gold instead of deadlines and perpetual stress. Swing into action with this 11-hit mix featuring a Disney classi... Read More

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