Everyone takes it down a notch or two once they pull out their top weapon song in the karaoke room. Perhaps it’s the comfort from memorized lyrics or carefree, natural dance moves that motivate one’s excitement that makes everyone a karaoke master in some way. Being yourself is all that ... Read More

“You need something sensational,” says one of Barnum’s daughters somewhere in the beginning of Michael Gracey’s stellar 2017 picture, The Greatest Showman: and the film is exactly that. Through snappy melodies and heart-stopping performances, the film keeps viewers hooked for every secon... Read More

What sets apart infatuation from true love? Is it the feeling of contentment or the idea of settling down with ‘The One’? This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the kind of love all romantics hope to achieve: everlasting love. All jokes aside, February 14 marks also two other notable... Read More

Ah, February—the proverbial month of love. Whether you’ve been in love, got your heart broken, or just a hopeless romantic, there’s no denying the kilig factor romantic comedies (or rom-coms as they’re more charmingly known) bring. And for patrons of the genre, you’re in for a special ... Read More

Behind every OPM fan who enjoys relatively ‘cool’ music is a childhood that’s composed of unreachable high notes and nostalgic love songs sung by the country’s divas. Love them or not, you have to admit there will always be a special place in your heart for these nostalgic classics. L... Read More

From saggy pants to saying “gucci gang” repeatedly, the last two decades have seen trends come and go. However, as the youth continues to blast today’s top charts, many are still unaware where such music originated from. Still don’t know where today’s music gets its character from a... Read More

This new year, revamp your playlists with fresh names in the music industry. Through catchy melodies and basslines, these international and homegrown artists are already shaking up the music scene. Whether you’re waiting on what’s next for the artists you grew to love in 2017 or just look... Read More

                                          We know we’re supposed to be over 2017, but it’s still at the tip of our tongues--... Read More

There’s always something about the beginning of a new year that makes us believe in fresh starts—that something magical will happen when the clock strikes midnight. Truth be told, the new year doesn’t automatically call for an overwhelming change, but then again, hoping for better things c... Read More

After the unforgiving year that was 2016, most of us thought 2017 would be our year. Now that 2018 is just a few days away, let’s look back at the past 12 months and reevaluate how 2017 fared from worst to best. Despite frustrations this year may have brought you, let this playlist remind y... Read More

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