Thursday 30 March 2017

At some point, one realizes all they ever needed was to take a step back and reminisce. Take a breather before the avalanche of pre-finals stresses with a nostalgic “feels trip” through this time capsule of classic jams of old Manila. Featuring the timeless classics of Cinderella, VST &... Read More

  Without realizing it, we made it to the last page of the month of March in the barely-touched planner you bought with only-God-knows-how-much coffee. Caught in the middle of post-midterms relief, pre-finals anxiety, and just life in general, you find yourself slowly falling into a slump a ... Read More

Illustrated by Jaz Yabut Original Pinoy music (OPM) will always have a special place in our hearts and on our playlists. Forget the pang-tito or pang-jeje label you, at one time or another, gave to Pinoy chart-toppers. The new kids in town are very different from how the previous generations belt... Read More

Once known as a soul revival movement, neo-soul best represents the evolution of popular music, and is the genre of those who are anything but ordinary. The love child of R&B and soul has made a name for itself with its predominant female presence, deviation from electronic influence, and re... Read More

February flew by just as quick as temperatures went from 20°C to below zero (at least in the upper regions of the country). March is here and we’re left to face another set of never-ending deadlines, projects, and org works. But before that, take time to rejuvenate with this 10-track rock collect... Read More

February, the month when the proliferation of overstuffed toys and abundance of red roses and expensive chocolates are accepted, is just around the corner. Tender nights. Serene moments. Intimate encounters: put your hearts up and your dancing shoes on, boys and girls, because it’s the mont... Read More

The Korean wave is coming in full speed and has everyone dressing in pastels, pigging out on Kimchi and Bibimbap, and asking their crushes if they like Messi (if they too like the K-drama, Weightlifting Fairy). Whether you’re hoping to join the bandwagon or simply plain curious about the hype, thi... Read More

After the wreck of a year that was 2016, it’s best to remember the positive. It may have been an awful year for the most of us, but at least the Billboard top charters provided some of the best songs to suffer LSS from. Relax and be mindful of how to spend 2017; happy, fulfilled, and moving along ... Read More

2016 left a bad aftertaste in everyone’s mouths: with an abundance of deaths, tragedies and catastrophes. Don’t fret; that awful year is finally over. With its passing comes the opportunity to start anew. As 2017 begins, make it the year for redemption. Start it off by letting go of fears and... Read More

The days are dwindling down and the clock is ticking with final exams just around the corner. It’s time to suit up and combat your way to the end of this term. With sleepless nights and coffee-dependent mornings, power up and choose your weapon to ace the exams ahead. This is definitely not th... Read More

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