Monday 3 April 2017

When you’ve had enough, retreating to a rooftop on a warm summer night with OPM blasting in the background, a bottle or two of cold beer, and dash of poetry might just be what you need to get you going. The unique bond between music and spoken word made Luna Productions’ #BakaPwedePa last Februa... Read More

The process of creation is innate to humans, much like machines that continuously and tirelessly work. May it be in fields of art or science, people always strive to better themselves because generating new ideas and inventions is essential to keeping life interesting. But when craft turns into work... Read More

Faded faux-brick walls, dim lights, and eerie writings made by the projectors near the stage are enough to raise the hairs of any patron who walks through the theater doors. Upon entering the venue, however, the props speak of the emotional weight that is to come once the even eerier story begins. W... Read More

There is noise we hear everyday, everywhere we go. When we put together the sound of picking up keys, of a leaking sink, and of currents in electrical wires, they become mediums to a work of art. So little is known about soundscape, that it rarely gets appreciation and support from its conventional ... Read More

Coloring books aren’t just for children. The Color Pop Fair, held last October 24 at the SM Mall of Asia, saw people—young and young at heart—come together to participate in the art of coloring doodles, illustrations, and listen to talks by several artists who gave workshops on coloring and il... Read More

Say what you want about the local arts and music scene, but one thing’s for certain: nothing beats the flavor of our very own culture. Now on its third iteration, Intramuros Rising 3 hopes to keep OPM alive by bringing together several independent local musical arts along with spoken word performa... Read More

Through letters and words, strokes and typefaces, the two-day spectacle that is Type Lab MNL brought something to write home about. Being the country’s first ever type conference, the pressure to succeed was undoubtedly intense. But the people’s love for lettering and calligraphy won above all, ... Read More

“The worst thing that can happen is nothing. The best thing that can happen is everything. Take the risk.” – John Nevarez ICON Manila 2015, the annual conference in the entertainment design industry, invited 5 speakers from the film, animation, and gaming industry to showcase their works and ... Read More

There’s something compelling with the way letters are formed, from their basic shapes to their most complex strokes. Typography today has experienced a resurgence, enabling people to appreciate letters made not only on computers but also with ink, pen, and brush. Type Kita, an independent local co... Read More

In a world saturated with information and technology, being creative means more than just establishing great art and design. Students of Mapúa Institute of Technology (MIT) invited 19 speakers from the multimedia industry to showcase what creativity means in the modern world in their two-day semina... Read More

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