When starting something as serious as a clothing brand, it’s easy to get bogged down in thinking what else is yet to be seen in terms of design, concept, and ideas. Luckily, brothers Randell and Ralph Cruz have friends who got their back. The duo behind the brand SupportYourFriends (SYF) ha... Read More

Tuesday 19 December 2017

From the mellow vibe of classical music to producing ebullient beats from her bedroom shared on Soundcloud, Benildean songwriter Ruru seeks solitude in music with the hopes of discovering herself as an artist. Digital Filmmaking major Denice Quimbo, Ruru’s daytime name, is your local bedroom po... Read More

Tuesday 21 November 2017

From the numbers and rigid lines of advanced mathematics, 20-year-old Juan Luis Vizmonte, or Meng Juan in the art scene, amuses himself by making guiltily humorous stickers. Soon enough, he realized he could turn his pastime into his own business. In an interview with The Benildean, Vizmonte ... Read More

Characterized by its distinctive aroma and color, whisky has been with the human race since the second millennium. With variations from malt whisky, bourbons to corn whisky, alcohol enthusiasts will always find the right one to go into a pas de deux  with their tastebuds alongside the perfect dish.... Read More

  With the resurgence of the local street scene, the fourth installment of the Escolta Block Party celebrated the glory days of old Manila with art, music, and dance last August 26.   The towering facade of the First United Building glorified the landscape of the gathering. Nowada... Read More

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Gestures reflect more than just mere movement; constant shifting of weight shows nervousness, covering of face depicts shyness, and even no movement may reflect fear. But when accompanied with rhythm, these gestures collectively create dance. Hence, dance is then simply not just collective moveme... Read More

Poetry found a fresh way to resurrect itself through a different platform: the new underground artform slowly but steadily making waves in the local scene called spoken word or slam poetry. The reinvented expression of poetry, which found its audience in the youth with some older folks checking it o... Read More

Tuesday 14 February 2017

With people being infected by the Hallyu wave—be it through Kdrama or Kpop—Korean boys are now seen as the new “crush ng bayan.” Armed with their signature boyish charms and clean looks, girls can’t seem to not giggle when they spot one. But there’s a particular Korean boy who’s defyin... Read More

Monday 30 January 2017

Society views motherhood as both a responsibility and a privilege. However, single mothers seemingly do not enjoy such lenience, often being shamed by their mistakes. Despite their shortcomings, they are still mothers who only want the best for their children. This story is shared by countless women... Read More

Saturday 31 December 2016

The internet has dubbed 2016 as the worst year ever—and for good reason. From the consecutive deaths of notable icons to the public outcry surrounding President-Elect Donald Trump’s US win, 2016 has zero chill indeed. Despite the disappointment and roller coaster ride of other emotions, we a... Read More

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