It’s a hot Thursday afternoon. World Literature class just ended and you were just about to go down from the campus to the place where you and your friends usually chill out after class. All of a sudden you see a guy who seems to have travelled straight out of those 80s movies, wearing a light win... Read More

It makes the radiance of the sun shy, her smile; and it makes the leaves of the trees ripple and sing, her dainty gait. In her country, the currency for gold is Memories, and every blooming garden, every budding flower are Feelings. Emblazoned on her neck are luxurious, intricately crafted jewelr... Read More

“Does it matter?” You stare back at me with eyes that scream, “Yes, of course it does”, but your lips remain a tight line. You knew it was no use trying to convince me. Yet there I was, hoping you'd still try. Why do I do this to you? I grind my teeth in frustration at both our s... Read More

I tried to stay calm but seeing the figure looming above, I couldn’t. My feet were pinned to the ground and my eyes were fixed on the figure, a girl. She looked very familiar. The dark figure walked to the direction of my parents’ room. I rushed to follow it and the first thing I saw were my... Read More

They were unusually nice that day. Mom kissed me on the forehead, something was unusually sad with her smile, then just as I walked out the door, my little brother gave me a tight hug and a drawing of the sky where in the middle it said “I love you”. I paid him back with a cheeky grin and playfu... Read More

As I held the cube, I could feel the frustrations coming back again, but the old lady was patient enough to teach me step by step. She told me that you don’t get it all right by one color at a time; it needs the right twists and turns to solve all six colors. By the time I was at my destination... Read More

One day, my grandfather gave me a scrambled Treasure Cube before he passed away. It was similar to a Rubik’s cube, but it has something inside once each side is solved. Lolo’s last words to me were, “There’s something inside, but you gotta figure it out.” before I heard the long beep signa... Read More

Tuesday 21 April 2015

  Photo and design by Sace Natividad Modeled by Mika Bautista... Read More

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Photo and design by Sace Natividad Modeled by Mika Bautista    ... Read More

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Let’s face it—writers are known to be some of the more enigmatic individuals of society. With this in mind, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of literature’s greatest minds have less than normal “rituals” to help them fuel their imagination. Food for thought Certain ... Read More

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