A worm-like monster wiggled inside my ear. It crawled towards my brain, then dug holes and laid eggs. It’s eating me alive, piece by piece. Occasional headaches are present, of course. Now, whenever I run my fingers through my hair, I could feel the claw marks. When I looked at my fingertips, al... Read More

Wednesday 25 May 2016

The creative industry is full of opportunities. Many have found success in graphic design and it has inspired others to do the same.  For the average joe, legally pursuing the field meant spending a lot for expensive and complicated software. For the makers behind Canva, access to education and too... Read More

Have you ever felt the frustration of your software crashing in the midst of working? Better yet crashing when you’re just a few hours away from the deadline? Desperate times call for desperate measures, they say, but sometimes all it takes is just a little web browsing to find hidden saviors. For... Read More

If you asked how far it could take me, back then, I would have told you and easy “To infinity and beyond.” Ask me now, however, and I’d tell you that it gave me nothing but a black hole within my chest, demanding me to feed it constantly, to the point that I lost control and my body grew a con... Read More

Asha, a 19-year-old college freshman, is sitting on her desk with her laptop open. In a few hours, her essay will meet its deadline, with the question of what she could possibly tell her younger self if she were given the chance. She is currently going through a bad case of artist’s block, and as... Read More

Back in the day, Comic Sans was known as one of the more basic and common fonts. It’s a comic-book inspired typeface created in the year 1994 for Microsoft.  Today, however, Comic Sans is a font now infamous for its overuse. Its usage in the business world has been disapproved by many professiona... Read More

She got up to her feet quickly, beaming. She felt that whirlpool again inside her stomach that for a long time she hasn't felt. She walks with light steps towards the door and takes a good, wishful grip on the knob. She took a deep breath before opening, then, "Forgive me," greeted the gardener. He... Read More

He was stuck. There was nothing else he could do but stare at the dying light. He unbuckled his seatbelt and thought - There is only 30 seconds left. He once watched a video on how to get out of a sinking car. The most crucial moment is the first 30 seconds after the impact. He thought to himsel... Read More

When we were in Algebra, You faced my desk to ask if I had done my homework. I nodded, rummaged through my bag and Handed it to you without question. You said thanks and Went back to your business.   That was the first time someone needed me. So I made sure I did my work... Read More

Tell them to get me out of here, Leigh! You know, one day I was just smoking in my crib. I was all alone. And then these guys in white just barged in my door and then dragged me out of the house. I don’t know, Leigh, I wanted to fight back but for some reason I can’t. It happened all too quic... Read More

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