The Design Lab: How Font-astic!

The Design Lab: How Font-astic!

Choosing the perfect font can often be a headache. Shall I go for serif or sans serif? Is this font too thin? This one’s kerning is off; and letter O is too round… Nevermind, this font is waaay too thick––every single tiny detail is important and sometimes overwhelming when choosing “The One”.

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Lucky for us, Metaflop has developed an application called Modulator that caters to our font-sensitive needs. Modulator gives us the liberty to design our fonts down to the very last pixel with a multitude of options, from adjusting the width of each letter to specifying the pen angle. After creating your customized font, Modulator makes our lives even easier by making the fonts downloadable and ready to use.

Gone are the days where you spend hours and hours scrolling through font sites looking for that perfect font with tapered ends or curves that go at a specific angle. What a relief!

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