Twisted Yearbook Classics: Crumbs

Twisted Yearbook Classics: Crumbs

When we were in Algebra,

You faced my desk to ask if I had done my homework.

I nodded, rummaged through my bag and

Handed it to you without question.

You said thanks and

Went back to your business.

That was the first time someone needed me.

So I made sure I did my work, for you to duplicate

Until it became an Every-Tuesday-morning thing.

And I didn’t want to risk breaking such a sacred routine.

When I walked along the halls between periods,

You’d wave hello, turning me from a ghost into

An actual human being.

Your presence was so important to others

That your acknowledging me

Made me feel sort-of important too.

Everyone adored you. You were a gem in their eyes,

But a star, in mine.

And I started buying the same clothes you wore;

Denim jackets, Steve Maddens,

Even when my budget was scarce.

Everyday I followed your crumbs and

They kept me fed,

And the more I starved,

The more I turned into you,

All thanks to my Algebra homework.

Photo by Inah Maravilla
All clothing stylist’s own

But it’s true, what they say about how you should

Never get to know your idols,

Because one day I thought it’d be okay to

Pass by your locker and actually talk about something

Other than homework.

I guess you people forget easily,

Because the minute I touched your jacket,

Of the same denim material I was wearing,

You must’ve seen it as an attack on your popularity.

And everyone despised you for knowing me.

I guess your reputation was more important,

Because the next thing I remember was a slap from your

Manicured nails, and your glossed lips

Swearing, claiming you had no idea who I was,

And all I could do was let it happen.

I was crushed to discover who you were.

I looked up to you—

Too much that I forgot to look after myself.

I didn’t hate you for copying my homework,

Or palming my cheek,

But I hated you for fooling me,

And making me worship you.

You never asked for my homework again.

You never even dared look back.

You went back to your life,

And I withdrew to mine.

Well, I went back,

except now,

I’m not anything at all.

Photo by Inah Maravilla
All clothing stylist’s own

Photographed by Inah Maravilla

Styled by Neal P. Corpus and Inah Maravilla

Make-up by Aquinna Duyan and Nicole Valencia

Modeled by Chad Alviar, Manu Fernando, Rovin Mizuse, Geo Santos, Elejah Saiki, and Julia Velasquez

Assisted by Pamela Batac, Chelly Patalud, and Thea Torres


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