The Benildean Recommends: Frank & Dean

The Benildean Recommends: Frank & Dean

Nested at the edge of BGC and tucked in the corner of Forbes Town Center is Frank & Dean, a trendy “Café x Kitchen” and your next go-to spot for some coffee and chitchat.

In an attempt to break the monotony of the same classrooms, offices and work spaces we toil in day after day, many of us search for that perfect café or food establishment to escape to for a change in scenery and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for work. There’s something about finding the right spot that calms you down, gets your sleeves rolling, and keeps your knuckles cracking. When you find that your nearest Starbucks is chock-full of pretentious yuppies and too-loud conversations, it’s probably time to check out a newer kid on the block—one of the freshest prospects being Frank & Dean.

Memories are made of this

The name Frank & Dean is a nod to two of the great crooners of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Although the restaurant-café’s interior isn’t directly inspired by that era, it somehow still reflects the cool, suave nature of its namesakes. Upon entering the establishment, one is greeted by the Instagram-worthy white subway brick walls, wood tables and wire mesh accents, and pops of color from bright teal padded seats. On the right hand side of the restaurant runs a wall of cork, featuring pin-ups of artsy photos, magazine cutouts and a blackboard of cheerful menu recommendations in chalk. The slightly dimmed interior accented by warm string lamps and a great playlist humming on the speakers creates a friendly and comfortable ambience that immediately makes you feel at ease.

I get a kick out of you

If you stopped by Frank & Dean for a little caffeinated pick-me-up, you’re in luck. Frank & Dean is partnered with Yardstick to serve you some specialty coffee. Their basic brew comes at Php 85, while their Cold Brew runs at Php 200. Order a cup or two to lift your spirits during that mid day break, warm your insides on a rainy day, or cap off a great meal.

Speaking of great meals, Frank & Dean offers distinctly American dishes, their bestseller being Southern Fried Chicken which ranges from Php 280-420 depending on the side dish of your choice: old fashioned doughnuts, mac and cheese, waffles, or rice. This showrunner features generous sized chunks of mouthwatering chicken with a crispy coating of breadcrumbs flavored to perfection, complemented by savoury homemade gravy.

Also on the menu is the New York style Frank & Dean Pizza at 12 inches of goodness, offered in Margherita (Php 300) and 5 Cheese (Php 440). Also a must-try is the Raclette Grilled Cheese  sandwich (Php 335) consisting of raclette and mozzarella cheese oozing from between two loaf bread slices, served with marinara dip and a side dish of Paprika fries. Frank & Dean also offers assorted All Day Breakfast meals (with free basic brew coffee from 7am-10am). Sure to trigger heavy breathing is One Eyed Jack (Php 335), their interpretation of the classic croque madame. The dish is composed of ham and cheddar embraced by brioche slices, with an easy-over egg embedded on top, drizzled with parmesan and maple syrup. And no matter how you like your eggs in the morning, their Truffle Scrambled Eggs (280) available with a side order of crisp bacon will guarantee a great start to your day.

Whether you’re coming from the sunny side of the street or looking for that comfy rainy day nook, Frank & Dean is the perfect kickback spot for quick casual business meetings, solo work dates, or long overdue catch-ups. Be sure to drop by for a brew and a bite—and no need to thank us when you’re smiling.

You can find Frank & Dean at the G/F Forbes Town Center Open Garden, Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City. They’re open from 7am-12am (Sunday to Thursday) and 7am-2am (Friday & Saturday)


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