The Weekly-Tune Up: Declutter and remember

The Weekly-Tune Up: Declutter and remember

Indulge in the past year’s hit songs; it’s probably the last you’ll hear of them for a while.

After the wreck of a year that was 2016, it’s best to remember the positive. It may have been an awful year for the most of us, but at least the Billboard top charters provided some of the best songs to suffer LSS from. Relax and be mindful of how to spend 2017; happy, fulfilled, and moving along the right track. Give yourself time to meditate, and filter things that hinder you from moving on and turning a new leaf.

Illustrated by Rae Ronquillo

Through last year’s music, reminisce what made your 2016 worthwhile. Pick your favorites because we’ll need space for this year’s playlists. With the ecstatic beats of The Chainsmokers, Little Mix’s and Fifth Harmony’s hits, all the way to Beyoncé’s bombshell of an album, let your mind divulge in nostalgia.
Take this 12-track playlist featuring some of last year’s iconic tunes and set your mind for only the best this 2017.


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