The Weekly Tune Up: Annyeong-hallyu

The Weekly Tune Up: Annyeong-hallyu

The Korean wave is coming in full speed and has everyone dressing in pastels, pigging out on Kimchi and Bibimbap, and asking their crushes if they like Messi (if they too like the K-drama, Weightlifting Fairy). Whether you’re hoping to join the bandwagon or simply plain curious about the hype, this 12-track playlist is bound to prove there’s more to K-music than just ridiculously high quality videos, catchy repetitive lyrics, and uninvited but irresistible earworm.

Illustration by Marian Hukom

Imbibe in K-culture with tunes from Dean, Taeyeon, Zico, Akdong Musician, and more, including a b-side track from the only idol group to make it in the list, Monsta X.


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