Listen together, experience art together

There is noise we hear everyday, everywhere we go.

By Benildean Press Corps | Sunday, 8 January 2017

There is noise we hear everyday, everywhere we go. When we put together the sound of picking up keys, of a leaking sink, and of currents in electrical wires, they become mediums to a work of art. So little is known about soundscape, that it rarely gets appreciation and support from its conventional audience. Although it’s not at all new to people, it’s an artform the present isn’t quite ready for—but Composite is here to change that mindset.


Composite: Noise(s), second of a project series created by Ms. Dayang Yraola, a former professor from the College, was meant to be a platform for sound artists and experimental artists to exhibit genuine talent using field recording as their paint on canvas. When Ms. Dayang returned after doing her PhD in Hong Kong, she decided to bring together local sound culture with Hong Kong’s. Together with Dennis Wong (aka Sin:Ned), one of this project’s artist-curators, she decided to have a cultural exchange using sound art.


Today, January 8, they will be having a little get together to bring artists from Manila and Hong Kong closer by exchanging their works while playing a simple game they invented, called “Tambarter.” It’s tambay and barter combined, and its rules are simple: trade or buy. Sound and noise artists and/or enthusiasts are all invited to join and meet and trade their best pieces with everyone around the table. It’s almost like a little club, but one that’s very open and inclusive of different styles and genres, from novice to veteran.


There will also be a live performance right after the gathering. It’s going to be a night of spontaneity and surprise, utter randomness and fun! The composition, believe it or not, is completely controlled by the audience. The curators Ms. Dayang, Dennis, Arvin Nogueras [aka Caliph8]—an artist too—and several Arts Management interns thought of manipulating a board game to make the performance even more exciting. Once the dice is rolled, the rule cards drawn determine which artist/s play/s and how long they have to perform their recorded and prepared piece.


Drop by POST Gallery in Cubao Expo today until 9:30 pm and find out just how interesting these artists and their passions are. They might have a slick trick or two up their sleeves, so watch out for Hong Kong artists Eric Chan and Chau Kin-Wai, and Manila’s John Sobrepena, Erick Calilan, Teresa Barrozo and Alex Abaloz tonight.


They’ll make you listen to sounds you’ve already heard before, but just don’t know it.




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