Chefs in Progress to launch own culinary channel

Chefs in Progress to launch own culinary channel

Chefs in Progress (CHIP), in collaboration with the School of Hotel and Restaurant and International Management (SHRIM) Dean Angelo Lacson and the Benilde Marketing Committee, verified the launch of the Benildean Culinary Channel (BCC) in a roundtable discussion last last Feb. 28 at Vatel Restaurant Manila, Hotel Benilde.

According to Nikaela Ang, SHRIM Student Government President, BCC is an external promotion video about the Culinary Arts program which will be shown to high school students who are about to enter college. Various alumni chefs were invited for the conference with the main theme “How did Benilde help in your career?”

“For the SHRIM students, before you make any move, you should be clear with yourself what you really want to do because one decision may affect own own career so before you start or even while studying try to formulate already what your plans and be stick to that,” Pauline Escalante, chief finance officer of Country Food Concept, said.

Photos by Ysabel Victoriano

BCC will be the College’s first medium that targets to feature successful alumni in the field of culinary arts in order to market and indicate what the college has to offer in this field. The selected chefs will share their recipes, career adventures, and the College’s role in shaping their skills. In addition, BCC will be a tool to help market the business of the chefs.

The video will be launched on BCC’s official YouTube channel, Benilde’s official Facebook page, and CHIP’s official social media accounts.

The event welcomed alumni including Robbie Ripalda, Meg Tansiogco, Mikel Zaquirre, Lovely Jiao, Juliane Bernardo, Jose Sarasola, John Joseph Viel, Regina Rosales, Chef Giselle Lim, Pauline Escalante, and Kian Kazemi.


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