A pleasant surprise

A pleasant surprise

When you’ve had enough, retreating to a rooftop on a warm summer night with OPM blasting in the background, a bottle or two of cold beer, and dash of poetry might just be what you need to get you going. The unique bond between music and spoken word made Luna Productions’ #BakaPwedePa last February 25 a pleasant surprise.

What was originally conceived as a Valentine’s acoustic night became Luna Prod’s wonderfully hugot-laced nod to second chances and late romance. The production featured homegrown hits from Jensen Gomez, Sud Ballecer, Agsunta, Rob & the Hitmen, There’s ERA, and First Light. While there were a number of moments of music gold during the prod, the stripped-down renditions of popular songs: First Light’s soulful cover of Fix You, Agsunta’s take on Kundiman, and the popular SUD favorite Smilky stood out.

The tie-in with spoken word was quite inspired. Pieces by poetry enthusiasts from Artidope, San Beda’s official literary folio, The Spires, and Benilde’s own Zoe Rosal, Charlotte Martin, Thea Torres, and Manolo Tan from the Benildean Press Corps, were performed between setshighlighting the intimacy of the evening.

In addition, ERA invited the public to check out their debut EP titled “Telenobela” released last December 2016. If you want to listen to the EP, which features some pretty catchy OPM headbangers from the 5-piece alternative rock band, you can check it out on Spotify.

If you missed out on #BakaPwedePa, Luna Productions will be holding a similar event, “All The Feels” this April 8 at The 70s Bistro, Quezon City. Be sure to visit their official Facebook page for further details.


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