SHRIM holds 9th annual YBEE to showcase small business entrepreneurships

SHRIM holds 9th annual YBEE to showcase small business entrepreneurships

The School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (SHRIM) held its 9th annual Young Benildean Entrepreneurs Exposition (YBEE) for student-founded startups last March 31 at the Halles de Rheims, Angelo-King International Center (AKIC) Campus.

In line with the theme “BIZ IS IT! Creating Socially and Ecologically Responsible Innovative Enterprises,” the expo presented an opportunity for third year SHRIM students to demonstrate the skills honed in their Entrepreneurship, Franchising, and Small Businesses (ENFRAMA) class, in line with providing solutions to the country’s social and ecological issues today.

The event was aimed to be an avenue for students to apply what they learned in their course, test the feasibility of their business plans, and inspire the graduating students to continue to be entrepreneurs in the future. It featured 21 booths and 148 Benildeans, in total, marketing products, services, and partnerships.

This year’s YBEE exemplified remarkable business plans and awarded winners according to the expo and the Hub of Innovation for Inclusion (HIFI) as follows:

YBEE awards:


The team included Clarissa Virtudazo, Terrence Reyes, Dea Suyosa, Justin Filamor and Shereen Choy for Box Office, which envisions an interactive experiential theater production where actors will simulate how it is to be interact with drug users, as an anti-drug campaign.

2nd place – GREEN MINDS

Constancia Berdera, Emmanuel Paez, Shannel Estrada, Nicole Catindig, Andrew Pabello, Karl Uy and John Capuie make the team and they were awarded for creating a device that harnesses the electromagnetic fields produced by magnets to power a bicycle.

3rd place – GIFTED MINDS

The team is composed of members Angelo Valdepeñas, Arianne Coyco, Gabriel Servidad, Reggie Chua, Christian Guiang, Carlo Young, Rea Kiocho, Stanley Po and Jemma Asinas, who provided innovative programs and training and services for people in the workforce with autism.

HIFI awards:

1st place – SCALES AND BONES

Pia Trivino, Johana Lorenzo, Maria Labao, Austinn Lacson, Shaira Conducto, Shekinah Ramirez, Mary Blanca, Bryan Dacuycuy make the team and were awarded for marketing Projuice, a drink of made from natural fruit juices and fish scales and bones rich in protein and other vitamins.

2nd  place: GIFTED MINDS

3rd place:


   The team of Alexis Chua, Raina Puyat, Henrik Tan, Ian Tan, Annjorie Visperas, Dave Tapia, Carmelo Genco and Tristan Brosas received recognition for creating edible eating utensils in the hopes of lessening dependence on of plastic ones.


     The team of Bryant Del Rosario, Hans Ilagan, Richmond Ingco, Homer Manas, TJ Chua, Emmanuel Cruz and Carl Justiniani for  promoting sustainable partnerships with local farmers and free basic culinary training to highlight local produce.

Miscellaneous awards:


Blessie Monsalud, Blessy Gonzales, Carolin Gabriel, AJ Pigao and Khushboi Rajani also created edible eating utensils, specifically a spork, to reduce the amount of plastic waste thrown in the ocean.

Best Uniform Design – UPARK

Arielle Victoria, Dayanara Silva, Joji Katsui, Andrea Raymundo and Frances Sangalang built a mobile application that lets you choose where to park for more efficient parking.

Best Promotional Video – SCALES AND BONES

Best in Business Plan – GREEN MINDS

Most Active Booth – JUAN/A PRODUCTIONS

Most Unique Social Enterprise Concept – JUAN/A PRODUCTIONS

People’s Choice Award – QASA

The team composed of Fiona Cabrera, Jed Loma, Ryan Ani, Marvin Gerard Gan, Louella Anclote, Rhina Hao, Aiza Go and Erica Marella created an app that navigates target markets for people looking for jobs and those providing home-cleaning services and products made from organic materials.

This year’s YBEE was organized by the Event Management class section HMB31 of Professor Lorena Valerio and is co-presented by John Robert Powers and the Ateneo Confucius Institute, together with Fly Ace Corporation (Jolly), Boysen, and Nabob Apparel as major sponsors.

Photos by Nicole Constante


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