Earphones in, bikinis out

Earphones in, bikinis out

Sun-kissed skin, tan lines, and sand spangled hair; summer’s ever so near so be ready to unveil the beach body you’ve sacrificed not eating sinful fatty foods to achieve. Start filling your weekenders to the brim and emptying your piggy banks as you gear up for vacation mode. Of course, don’t forget your audio equipment of choice: whether solo traveling with earphones or speakers for the whole barkada.

Illustration by Nash Cruz

For some quality “me time,” your best friend during long trips to the province won’t be your talkative sibling, nor will it be the fellow chance passenger you share a flight with—instead, it will be the two little buds plugged tightly in your ears. If you’re lacking a backseat buddy en route to La Union, let Paris Hilton or Bonnie Bailey keep you company with their cozy vocals. If you’re in need of company while traversing the monotone walkways at the airport, then The Drums may be the best boarding tune for you.
Say goodbye to your “terror” professors and say hello to the calming white sands because finally it’s summer.


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