Digital Filmmaking alumna to compete in int’l short film festival

Digital Filmmaking alumna to compete in int’l short film festival

A Digital Filmmaking alumna’s short film was selected for the official experimental section of the International Video Art House Madrid (IVAHM) Film Festival to be held from May 10 to 21 at the Arts Center Vanguardia, La Neomudejar Madrid, Spain.

The filmmaker, Darlene Joanna Young, created a short film titled “In the Dark,” as an entry to IVAHM under the category of experimental horror. The film’s story revolves around a woman undergoing sleep paralysis and in her nightmare she is visited by different spirits attempting to reach out, scare, play tricks and harm her as she wanders through darkness.

Photo courtesy of Darlene Young

“I, personally, suffer from sleep paralysis where during sleep you wake up or encounter a different world that looks like a darker version of our world,” Young said in an interview with The Benildean.

The film aims to raise awareness on sleep paralysis since Young mentioned that 8% of the population is affected by this phenomenon where someone experiences temporary immobility during sleep or waking up.

“I made this film simply because I want to open this topic, as it is happening to some people like me and from there, maybe some people will talk about their experiences too,” Young said.

The Benilde alumna had the interest of exhibiting this film in the festival to be enlightened more about the subject, which is also an appropriate venue for the film’s genre.

“I am desperate to find an answer to my experience of being In the dark and soon, I would love to enter my film into festivals but every filmmaker has their own purpose,” Young emphasized.

Recently, Young’s film entry was accepted for the 57th Krakow Film Festival (KFF) in Europe dedicated to documentary, animation and other short films together with 280 accepted entries which will be included to the Krakow Film Market Catalogue and Digital Videolibrary.
IVAHM is an annual international film festival held in Madrid which aims to highlight exemplary work in film from internationally acclaimed artists.


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