The Weekly Tune-Up: Ode to the Oughties

The Weekly Tune-Up: Ode to the Oughties

If the past few years revived the grunge aesthetic of the 1990s, this year certainly marks the comeback of the bold, rhinestone-clad and somewhat tacky trends of the early aughts.

Illustration by Nyna Mapusao
Design by Ian Abella

Characterized by the influence of ‘It’ girls Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, the golden age of Disney Channel, and the emergence of emo music among countless other iconic events in pop culture, the 2000s ultimately shaped today’s millennials.
While tracksuits, single-shoulder tops and other 2000s trends currently dominate fashion runways and streetwear, press play on this mix of the previous decade’s mainstream hits and soulful childhood anthems that’ll surely envelop you in a wave of nostalgia and transport you back to that much glitzier time—at least, before another decade closes.


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