CDA ‘Pride’ to be chosen in annual solidarity night

CDA ‘Pride’ to be chosen in annual solidarity night

Promising a night of festivity and a chance to socialize with different batches, faculty, and alumni, the annual Consular and Diplomatic Affairs Solidarity Night (CDASN), together with the annual pageant, will be held tonight August 1, from 6 to 9 pm, at the Agusto Rosario Gonzalez (ARG) Theater, 5th floor, Taft Campus.

Pulled from Leaders in Diplomacy’s Facebook page (@BenildeLEAD)

Commemorating the program’s 21st anniversary, CDASN aims to celebrate the journey and achievements of the program. Moreover, in line with this year’s theme: “Pride and Honor: Celebrating Benildean Diversity”  the highlight of the event will be the pageant where students will compete for a single gender-neutral title, called the CDA Pride.

According to the event’s Production Head, Christine Desolong, this year’s switch from awarding the traditional one male and one female title to a single, gender-neutral recognition, aims to promote greater inclusivity.

In addition, Celine Grace M. Abella, Secretary of Leaders in Diplomacy (LEAD), CDA’s official student organization and organizer for CDASN, hinted a showcase of CDA students and their different talents.

Contestants include:
Amilee Evangelio

Philline Dulay

Johann Millado

Keanno Santos
Mariel Villafuerte

For more information, you may visit the LEAD booth found on the 3rd floor, Mutien Hall or visit LEAD’s official Facebook page.


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