Another song in your heartbreak playlist: One Click Straight’s “Listen”

Another song in your heartbreak playlist: One Click Straight’s “Listen”

Most commonly known as one of the local music scene’s go-to gig places, the intimacy of Saguijo Bar in Makati was the perfect avenue for one of Benilde’s homegrown talents, pop band One Click Straight, to launch the music video (MV) for their soulful ode to heartbreak “Listen” from the Nostalgic EP last July 21.

Up-and-coming musicians and aficionados alike came together to spend a night basking in One Click Straight’s mesmeric soundscapes, as well as the night’s stellar lineup of OPM’s most promising acts.

Warming up the crowd

The spirited night kicked off with a set from Rob & The Hitmen. Their catchy tracks injected with elements of Funk and R&B, such as “So Right,” had the growing crowd grooving and singing along. Following through with the addictive funk sound, IV of Spades was up next. From their 70s inspired outfits to a fun performance of their latest single “Hey Barbara,” the four-piece band ushered in a completely nostalgic and retro feast for both one’s eyes and ears.

Brisom then took the stage and captured the audience’s hearts as they began performing their song “Unplanned” with the familiar and unforgettable chorus of Donna Cruz’s 90s hit “Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso.” After playing their soulful originals like “Balewala” and a dreamy rendition of Drake’s “Passionfruit,” the electro pop rock group also announced the awaited release of their newest album on July 28.

Despite the cramped space, the audience only grew even more energetic, just in time for St. Wolf’s head-banging set. The heavy rhythm, as well as the unapologetic and all-too-relatable lyrics of “Papara,” echoed off the venue’s walls as the crowds roared and sang along to the alternative rock band’s epochal first single with the laconic chorus “para sa lahat ng umasa.” On the contrary, the succeeding performer, pop and alternative rock band Over October, undoubtedly brought back the mood for falling in love through songs like “Arbitrary,” with its melody and poignant lyrics.

Benilde’s very own

It was game time when One Click Straight One Click Straight took the stage, vividly painting stories of life and love with the electrifying “Lose My Mind” and “Beggin’” from their Nostalgic EP, and the heartbreaking ballad of unrequited love “She.” They then treated the audience with the first live performance of their hot, new track “Shot in the Dark,” which resonated the band’s signature sound that never fails to get people dancing.

The four-man group, composed of brothers Sam, Tim, and Toffer Marquez, and close friend Joel Cartera, officially formed in 2014. Tim, Toffer, and Joel are products of Benilde’s Music Production program, while Sam comes from Meridian International. They have since released numerous songs and an EP with six killer tracks.

Hailing inspiration from a variety of artists and being big fans of the 80s era, their music is a fusion of different genres, such as pop, indie, and rock. But ultimately, they have branded their music as a representation of who they are, where they are, and how they cope with life’s endless ups and downs.

At the actual premiere of their MV, drummer Tim shared how love was the main theme conceptualized and created by production company Two Fold Media for the Listen MV.

In an interview with The Benildean, the band members explained the song is special to them because “We’re all in love; not just with our significant others, but with the people surrounding us [such as] family and friends. We all want them to stay in our lives even if it means a lot of sacrifices. The video, for us, is the perfect visual representation for it.”

Indeed, “Listen” was a painfully honest take on modern love. The MV narrates the makings of a seemingly perfect and happy relationship, only for it to gradually come undone at the hands of two young and flawed people.

One Click Straight capped off the night with a passionate live rendering of “Listen” as Tim took a break from the drums to fill the room with the sultry notes of the saxophone. Lastly, the band expressed their immense gratitude and shared how they’re planning on releasing new records soon, but for now they will still be doing a lot of gigs around the metro. Although the crowd soon slowly drifted away from the once bustling Saguijo as morning came, the impression of the night’s vibrant energy and glory remained in the hearts of everyone present—hearts tied by the ever binding and fervent passion for good music.

The Listen MV airs regularly on Pinoy music channel MYX, but you can also catch it on One Click Straight’s Youtube channel after their release on August 10.

And if you haven’t yet, give listen to One Click Straight’s Nostalgic EP on Spotify.


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