Art by Ian Abella

On a nice, quiet day in outer space, the Earth was feeling more bothersome than usual.

“Nothing interesting ever happens around here,” said the Earth out loud. “The Sun, the Moon, and the stars are all as they should be. But what more is there?”

The Sun was a wise star that of which all the planets in the solar system orbited around.

“Something incredible will happen soon. You’ll see,” the Sun replied.

And so, the Earth patiently waited for something to happen.

Days have passed and the Earth had begun to lose its patience.

“I’ve waited for days now. Will something interesting ever happen?” asked the Earth in desperation.

Confident and composed, the Sun responded.

“Something incredible will happen soon. You’ll see.”

Reluctant to stay silent, the Earth continued orbiting the Sun.

As the weeks kept passing, the Earth began to lose hope.

“I’m tired of waiting in blind anticipation. Our days can’t be this much of a bore!” exclaimed the Earth.

“My child,” replied the Sun, ”something incredible will happen.”

“But I’ve been waiting for so long! How can anything happen at this point–”

The Earth’s sentence was cut off just as the Moon completed its orbit, blocking the sun’s light from the Earth’s sight.

“What are you doing?! You’re blocking the Sun! All the creatures within me will perish from the cold!” yelled the Earth to the Moon.

“Have no fear, child,” said the Sun.

The Earth was distressed for the wellbeing of inhabitants, but its sense of concern slowly turned into awe as it witnessed the magnificent corona of the Sun brought about by the eclipse.

“This is incredible! You look just like a ring!” exclaimed the Earth.

“This is called a Solar Eclipse. It won’t last forever, but it’s well worth the wait,” replied the Sun.

“I wish it could last longer,” the Earth said. “But, it appears that great things take time to happen.”

“Yes. But, when they do, they happen all at once.” The wise Sun said.

“Then I shall cherish this astounding moment forever!” yelled the Earth, laughing with pure joy.  

And the Sun smiled, knowing it was the perfect revolution the Earth had been waiting for.


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