SBRDC performs to raise awareness of societal issues

SBRDC performs to raise awareness of societal issues

Benilde’s resident dance troupe used dance as a medium to bring attention to imminent social issues.

Social issues such as social disconnection, plight of the LGBTQ+ community, and extrajudicial killings were the main points of the Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company’s (SBRDC) dance concert last October 5 at the the School of Design and Arts (SDA) Theater.

The play, titled “The Box of Amalgams and the Colors of Reality,” held two shows open to both Benildeans and non-Benildeans. In contrast to the bright visuals and explosive choreography, the dance concert shined a spotlight on social disconnection, depression, LGBTQ+ concerns, and extrajudicial killings, among other issues in our society today.

According to Angelique Delos Reyes, an SBRDC dancer, beyond awareness, the play also wanted to develop a deeper understanding of such issues to its audience.

“It’s important that we learn [about] these not just to be aware that these issues exist, but also to have a deeper understanding about them. […] It’s a matter of making our audience relate to the program,” Delos Reyes said.

“Based on the comments of the people who watched, they were moved daw especially doon sa political and [LGBTQ+] parts. I guess that’s what’s important: that they get to feel what we want them to feel,” she added.

According to the Office of Culture and Arts, the play, which was in collaboration with the Stage Production Operations Team, was sponsored by When In Manila, Trampoline Park, ANIMOTION, and Real Estate Association of Liberalism and Service.

Photos by Kel Santos and Eia Collantes


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