Lingkod Coalition dominates frosh and SSG-SDG special elections

Lingkod Coalition dominates frosh and SSG-SDG special elections

Lingkod Coalition, a new coalition recognized by the Benilde Comelec, won six out of the seven positions in the latest student elections.

Lingkod Coalition, a new coalition recognized by the Benilde Commission On Elections (COMELEC), dominated the 2017 frosh and School Student Governments-School of Diplomacy and Governance (SSG-SDG) elections, which was announced in a program last November 27 at the Greenway Campus.

The list of 2017 elected SSG-SDG officials is as follows:

School of Diplomacy and Governance (SDG)

Mike Allen Aguinaldo –  President
Christine Joy Desolong – Secretary
Laarmie Goce – Public Relations Officer
Alyssa Sophia Opulencia – 115 Representative
Kinno Vittorio Miguel Virata – 116 Representative

School of Design and Arts (SDA)

Samantha Sandoval –117 Representative

School of Hotel and Restaurant Institution Management (SHRIM)

Maria Patricia Gel Kapunan – 117 Representative

Six of the seven winning candidates are members of the LINGKOD Coalition, with 117 SDA Representative Samantha Sandoval being the only official outside the said group.

Coalitions, according to Section 9.6 of the Comelec’s Benilde Omnibus Election Code, are only effective in the said election period. They are also entitled to privileges such as a known identity during the campaign period and perform room-to-room campaigns all the while abiding resolutions and decisions advised by the Comelec, according to Section 10 of the same Omnibus.

SDG President-elect Mike Allen Aguinaldo and SDG 115 Representative-elect Alyssa Sophia Opulencia were approached by The Benildean regarding their fresh victories and what the community should expect next.

According to Opulencia, the team is pushing for more projects that are relevant and timely for the ID 115 batch of SDG since they are the group of student leaders that often faces backlash and criticism from the community for being ‘quiet.’

Ang gusto namin mangyari, lalo na kasama ko ngayon mga co-officers ko, mas maging interesting and mas maging relevant ‘yung mga talks, forums, and activities,” she said.

One of the projects Opulencia is aiming for the SDG community is the Foreign Language Festival which she hopes to be attended by the three foreign language partner schools of Benilde, namely Alliances Francaise de Manille, Instituto Cervantes de Manila, and Confucius Institute.

Meanwhile, Aguinaldo assured the SDG community that all projects he aims to implement are in progress though admittedly, not with the snap of a finger, as all projects and activities proposed by the SSG must go through a lengthy process conducted by the Student Involvement Office. He said that external factors, such as schedules and unexpected delays or emergencies, probably contribute to the major reasons why SSGs may seem ‘quiet’.

Rest assured, gagawin namin ‘yung best namin para [maging concrete] ‘yung platforms na sinabi namin,” Aguinaldo said.

Photo by Kel Santos


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