Marvel madness

Marvel madness

Bringing the Marvel experience to the School of Design and Arts (SDA) last Wednesday at the School of Design and Arts (SDA) theater, the Marvel Studios creative team were joined by fans and enthusiasts alike, who had assembled to celebrate an entire day of all things Marvel. Relive the fun as we recount the highlights of this year’s Marvel Creative Day Out.

An inside look at Marvel and Disney Studios
Turning up the hype was Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski as he gave an exciting overview of everything and anything Marvel from the quintessential superhero movie franchise a.k.a. as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) down to their other properties such as the Marvel television shows, games, and the foundation of it all, their comic books. Cebulski also walked everyone through Marvel’s colorful history and legacy, discussing the company’s significant achievements and milestones throughout the years while giving an optimistic vision of the future for Marvel.

Offering another facet of the creative process that helps promote Marvel to their audience is Disney China’s Vice President for Creative Allen Au-Yeung and his talk on how they turned Marvel (along with the other Disney properties) into a lifestyle brand that resonates with their audience.

Filipino artists who made it big in the world of Marvel also shared some of their stories and insights on what it’s like working for one of the biggest comic book companies in the world. Penciller Leinil Yu gave the artists and creatives in the room a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in illustrating comic covers, while fellow artist Harvey Tolibao shared his journey and struggles as an artist and storyteller for Marvel.

Showing what you got
Students and guests who would like to eventually pursue a career in the world of comics–whether as a penciller, inker, colorist, or a letterer–had a chance to get their works critiqued and reviewed by Cebulski himself along with Tolibao and Yu. Portfolios from various artists with varying art styles were presented to them and were given pointers and advice.

Inspiring the next generation of storytellers, Tolibao encouraged these young artists to keep pursuing their passion while improving their craft and believe that if someone like him made it, then they can too.

Incredible display of talent
Aside from the talks and consultations, a freedom wall was set up at the venue to give chance for artists and creatives to showcase their talent on the spot. Benildeans and guests alike did not disappoint as they filled the wall with some of Marvel’s iconic superheroes from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to the mischievous Deadpool.

Meanwhile, an exhibit of artworks by aspiring Marvel artists were also displayed at the 12th floor in front of the SDA cafeteria, proving Cebulski right that there will always be fresh talents here in our country.
Running only for the second time here in the country, this year’s Marvel Creative Day Out proved to be a unique experience for both devoted and casual fans of the brand. With Marvel’s continued success and expansion, the event proves that it still finds its way to connect with their audience and open up avenues for them to showcase their talent and creativity.

Photos by Eia Collantes and Kyle Bustos


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