“The Generator” officially opens doors to Benildean community

“The Generator” officially opens doors to Benildean community

As part of the College’s efforts to enhance the learning experience of students, the new student lounge nicknamed “The Generator,” located at the School of Design and Arts (SDA) Campus, officially opened its doors today, January 25, to the Benildean community.

After hinting earlier this month of its opening, The Generator was formally inaugurated at around 1pm today with a short blessing of the building, wherein students and members of the administration alike attended.

“From now on, there must be some ideas or relationships that [are] going to transpire here. May these ideas be blessed by the Lord… and be used for the common good,” Fr. Victor Diolata Jr., SSS, who presided the short mass, said in his homily.

To conclude the event, the mass was followed by short speeches from Arch. Gerry Torres, Director of Benilde’s Center for Campus Art and also the one who proposed the said lounge, and Brother President Bro. Dennis Magbanua FSC (Broden).

In his speech, Torres took pride in Benildean ingenuity and creativity, both for the furnitures used and the design of the building as a whole, while Broden explained the motivation and purpose for the creation of The Generator.

According to Broden, the main reasons for creating the student lounge are:

  • to stop students and faculty members from smoking in front of the SDA Campus
  • to lessen the traffic of the SDA ramp for students waiting for their service
  • to provide people with disabilities or PWDs (especially those in wheelchairs) friendly access to the SDA campus
  • to protect students, faculties, and personnels when raining with a covered path
  • to be a napping station for students with long breaks that have no dorm nearby and;
  • to be a hub for pitching ideas

“As you could see, there are many functions to this place and that’s why we asked the Benildean Student Envoys to be the caretaker [of the lounge]. If you need to borrow the space, they will be the one in charge,” he said.

“This is one thing that I hope will make (students) happier in Benilde,” Broden added.

The new student lounge was originally scheduled to open last October but was delayed, according to The Generator’s project manager Arch. Jericho Francisco, because of the unpredictability of the weather, site restrictions, and late delivery of the needed furniture.

Photos by Kel Santos


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