The Weekly Tune-up: Sparks fly

The Weekly Tune-up: Sparks fly

Here’s the perfect time to play the anthems of your romantic-(comedy)-obsessed heart.

Illustration by Miko Fernando

Ah, February—the proverbial month of love. Whether you’ve been in love, got your heart broken, or just a hopeless romantic, there’s no denying the kilig factor romantic comedies (or rom-coms as they’re more charmingly known) bring. And for patrons of the genre, you’re in for a special treat because this week’s playlist is your jam!

Let those sparks fly as you sing along to the songs that accompany some of the most iconic moments in rom-com cinema history.

Whether you’re planning to hire an entire marching band and sing your heart out in an open field or stand outside their open windows holding up a boombox, you can plug in this week’s mashup and serenade your “the one” to your heart’s content.


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