Wednesday 14 February 2018

March 14 My name is Michael and I live next door to an angel. If I looked out of my kitchen window, right above the sink, I could see directly into her pristine kitchen. Pristine, her pans and pots have never been touched. Pristine, the burners have never experienced fire. Pristine, the only ... Read More

Minutes before New Year’s Eve strikes, a thick blanket of snow covers the gravel. The streets are lit with Christmas lights and the atmosphere is filled with merriment. All around, families gather together preparing for the new year ahead. Inside our humble home, I make Mother’s favorite ... Read More

“Look out below! Another batch of letters incoming!” shouted Blippy from the workshop balcony. Blippy’s the head of communications for Santa’s elves. She can be easily spotted with the red pom-pom at the end of her pointed hat. “Oh boy! More requests! I wonder where this batch is fr... Read More

Monday 4 December 2017

She didn’t burst into flames, nor did Divine Judgment strike down her unclean humanity when she set foot in her old church after so many years. Everything was the way she remembered it: dark Narra pews, dirty white walls, and holy images in every alcove, but this time, the place bore traces... Read More

Monday 6 November 2017

Through the fogged glass window before me, I mused among the bodies that come and go, like a flock of sheep, mapping the ways of the black asphalt that glistened green, red, and filled with mud. Behind me, a clerk lasers the barcode on the bag of chips. I watch as he struggles to make the mac... Read More

Tuesday 26 September 2017

  On a nice, quiet day in outer space, the Earth was feeling more bothersome than usual.   “Nothing interesting ever happens around here,” said the Earth out loud. “The Sun, the Moon, and the stars are all as they should be. But what more is there?”   The ... Read More

The 38th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) was more than a five-day expo at the SMX Convention Center last Sept. 13 to 17; it was both a homecoming and a welcome party.     It was a homecoming for authors, publishers, and bookworms who came together for book bargains and e... Read More

Friday 1 September 2017

“Writing is the power on what you create with words.”   These were the words of Kota Yamada, CEO and founder of Yamada Publishing and Cebu-based author of poetry books Lost Hearts and It Was Rather Short-Lived. Yamada reminds everyone how literature is a force that drives people t... Read More

Saturday 15 October 2016

Typoetry gives new life to poetry by merging the essence of contextual definition with the beauty of aesthetic form. Today’s Typoetry is entitled Moonchild, written by Eya Arceo and designed by Monique Miranda. ... Read More

I still have her yellow dress in the back of my closet. She’s the reason why I love the color yellow, because it reminded me of how the sunrise could still be so beautiful after a thunderstorm. Her yellow dress had blood stains. I tried to wash it once, but it kept coming back. I got too tired of... Read More

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