The Weekly Tune-up

The Weekly Tune-up

Illustrated by Jaz Yabut Original Pinoy music (OPM) will always have a special place in our hearts and on our playlists. Forget the pang-tito or pang-jeje label you, at one time or another, gave to Pinoy chart-toppers. The new kids in town are very different from how the previous generations belt... Read More

After the wreck of a year that was 2016, it’s best to remember the positive. It may have been an awful year for the most of us, but at least the Billboard top charters provided some of the best songs to suffer LSS from. Relax and be mindful of how to spend 2017; happy, fulfilled, and moving along ... Read More

2016 left a bad aftertaste in everyone’s mouths: with an abundance of deaths, tragedies and catastrophes. Don’t fret; that awful year is finally over. With its passing comes the opportunity to start anew. As 2017 begins, make it the year for redemption. Start it off by letting go of fears and... Read More

Congratulations, you've made it through the hand-cramping, head-crunching midterms rush! You've braved the exhaustion of beating deadlines, bargaining with professors, and the overwhelming dread that comes before checking SIS. It's time to kick back for a bit. With tracks by Mac Demarco, Ste... Read More

The –ber months have taken over, finally bringing the weather for sweaters and hot drinks. But they also give off that lethargic feeling that seeps deep into your bones—either hindering you from leaving the solace of your bed, or lulling you to sleep at school. Well, we’ve got the remedy for c... Read More

Cramming those reflection papers, stressing out on freeloaders, and all those Sunday night deadline anxiety — ah, that Smonday feeling. It’s that moment when Sunday no longer feels like a Sunday and the horrors of Monday starts to haunt you the whole week until another one comes in. Playing this... Read More

There's something about the rain that slows life down and amplifies our ~feelings~. Though, oddly enough, the rain has come prematurely this year (climate change, what's good) we've got you covered. Indulge in your melancholic mood, lean your head against that droplet-covered bus window, and make yo... Read More

Today’s the day we all cast our vote. If you’re still looking for the motivation to get up and join in the elections, here are a couple of tunes to get you marching to the polls. Remember: in a country clamoring for change, participation is key, so no matter who you’re shading that little circ... Read More

Feeling stressed? Why not take an emotional journey with this lovely collection of tracks guaranteed to give you all sorts of feels! Just chill out, breathe easy and rest assured that everything will fall into place. Take a listen to certified local vocals ready to give you one of the most satisfyin... Read More

It’s always easy to appreciate a film’s visuals and cinematography, but the film’s sound design—to this extent, its soundtrack—are (at least) half its artistry. From catchy melodies to the words that capture the emotion of the moment, soundtracks are always a sure fire way to make films st... Read More

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