Photo By Hans Chua
Photo By Hans Chua.

#Lamondays: Discover a home away from home at Cucina Remedios

Catch a break from the hustle and bustle of Taft and sit back at Cucina Remedios to enjoy sulit home cooked meals prepared with love and service.

By Maxine Cheung, and Kara Co | Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Tucked away in a cozy corner atop other establishments, Cucina Remedios is the perfect place to unwind and indulge. It is a hidden gem in the heart of Taft that offers more than just quick delicious bites for locals in a rush; the family-style diner provides a peek into the Filipino culture and lifestyle and a sense of comfort amid the busyness of Manila. 


One of the owners of Cucina Remedios, Mr. Paulo Gabuyo, named and dedicated the restaurant to his late mother, Remedios Gabuyo, hoping the establishment would always embody the warmth of his mother’s cooking. As a joint business venture between him and his wife, Ms. Kerstine Esmero, Mr. Gabuyo takes pride in serving delicious and flavorful food crafted with love and care, using only the finest ingredients to create a cozy and private dining experience.


While city life can be overwhelming with its noise, blinding lights, and overpowering odors, on-the-go individuals can stop by the cucina to take refuge and remove themselves from the usual chaos of life. Upon entering the sizzling hub, you’ll immediately be met with the smiles of the staff as you step into a patio-type layout, complete with an al fresco balcony, just like our family homes.


The restaurant began its journey as a cloud kitchen amidst the latter stages of the pandemic, initiated by two couples driven by a shared passion for sharing their favorite culinary delights with the community. Every dish undergoes a meticulous selection process, emphasizing the use of quality ingredients and the collective input of a close-knit group of friends before being introduced to the public. The cucina’s value for excellence and connection shines through this hidden gem. 


In an interview with The Benildean, Mr. Gabuyo expressed that their customers are what motivates them to keep innovating and cooking, “Every time they appreciate the food and feel excited to eat again at Cucina inspires us to create these signature dishes.”


Order up!

Ranging from ₱98 to ₱188, the menu takes lutong bahay to another level with several reminiscent dishes such as fish fillet, sinigang, adobo rice, and many more. With a breakfast menu and an all-day menu, each dish is affordable yet nutritious, perfect for students and professionals in the area.


If there’s any item on their menu that you must try, it’s their breaded Fish Fillet with Cucina Fried Rice (₱95). Its giant serving makes it unbelievable for its price and intimidating at first glance, but don’t worry, the fish is fried to perfection with a crispy yet light texture that tastes great with its fried rice. 


For meat and protein fanatics, Cucina Remedios’ Baby Back Ribs (₱188) is a best-seller with a hefty serving, juicy meat, and a hot cup of rice that pairs just right with the barbeque flavor. 


On weary days, their Pork Sinigang (₱120) might be the answer to comfort your soul with just the right balance between sour and spicy. Its pork is tender and flavorful enough to eat as it is, but you can also order an extra cup of rice for ₱10 to go with it. 


Another item on the menu to look out for is their Tuna Carbonara (₱138) with a unique twist on a familiar dish; it’s a creamy pasta with notes of the sea that isn’t too rich or fishy. When talking about lutong bahay, we can never leave out the classic Adobo Rice (₱115), which is a savory combination of the Filipino favorite infused into plain white rice–the definition of lutong bahay.


Neverending deals

What truly makes the cucina stand out to students and working individuals is their range of sulit meals. A definite go-to item at Cucina Remedios is their Tofu Sisig with rice (₱95) giving customers a taste of home with its simple but satisfying flavor. Their Grilled Liempo (₱78) brings back memories of ihaw by the beach with its fatty and juicy meat while their Breaded Pork Chop (₱95) is a crispy delight with a hefty serving.


You’re in for a surprise with their Parmesan Chicken Wings (₱148) that is twice the size of your usual chicken wings. Each wing is more meat than bone with the right combination of cheese and oil that makes it so satisfying and delicious. Saving one of the best for last, Cucina Remedios’ Salisbury Steak (₱158) is an all-time favorite that stays tasty no matter how much time has passed–a better alternative to fast food burger steaks for sure!


Right around the corner

Located along Leon Guinto Street, Cucina Remedios is a home away from home when you’re simply homesick and need a quick and warm pick-me-up. For students living in dorms nearby or young professionals passing through, the Cucina welcomes everyone. 


What started out as an online pandemic business has now grown to become a comforting diner. While many are still unaware of its existence, Cucina Remedios is a place where friends can enjoy good food and conversation, professionals can unwind and experience a piece of home, and anyone can enjoy a well-deserved meal. 


Take a peek at Cucina Remedios’ Lamondays episode and experience the warmth for yourself!