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The Benildean website is owned and controlled by the Benildean Press Corps (BPC), the official student-journalists' organization of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB).

BPC respects and acknowledges the right to privacy, including the right to be informed, to object. By using this website, the User must understand that it is recognizing and allowing BPC and its software tools the collection, storage, access and/or processing of its personal data in adherence to the Privacy Policy. Likewise, the User agrees to give his/her full consent to BPC and its software tools to utilize these data for monitoring purposes.


Benildean Press Corps adheres to the Republic Act No. 10173, or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. BPC’s Privacy Policy states details on personal information or data collection, utilization, storage and disposal. Personal Information or Data is defined as the information that includes your name, age, civil status, home address, email address or contact number and other information that is publicly available. Users pertain to those who can access the website aside from the Web Developers of BPC. Rest assured that BPC will strictly comply with the national laws and its Privacy Policy in valuing their Users’ privacy and security.

For Disqus, view their Privacy Policy here.


The User’s personal data can be voluntarily or mandatorily collected through responding to comments and/or interacting with the website. Software tools, such as Disqus and Google Analytics, are utilized by the website as an aid in providing its services which include providing content, allowing Users to comment on articles and improving user experience. Upon the use of these services, the User must understand that it is voluntarily providing personal data, from his/her public data on social media accounts and web applications, to BPC and its software tools.


The personal data collected by BPC is utilized for monitoring purposes to provide more convenience and better service quality to its Users, which include: addressing concerns, improving promotions, providing content, allowing Users to comment on articles, and improving its website page layout. These information may be disclosed to the software tools, Disqus and Google Analytics, which BPC had utilized to provide such services.

After a period or time of serving the purpose for its collection, the personal data would then be securely disposed of in a manner that it will be inaccessible to other parties.


Cookies, or small data files that store information about the User, is utilized by the website for full functionality of the website and its services. The User has the option to disable or reject receiving cookies on its browser, however, it may not maximize the services of the website. Links found on the website’s articles may be directed to third parties that also utilize cookies. BPC does not manage or control such third party sites, including its cookies.


The Benildean Press Corps produces and owns the intellectual property rights of the articles and visuals uploaded in the website. Likewise, it produces and owns the following publications released through print and/or online:

  • The Benildean is the official magazine-journal of DLS-CSB
  • Horizons is the official art and design folio of the students of DLS-CSB
  • Shades of Gray is the official literary folio of the students of DLS-CSB
  • Dekunstrukt is the official photography folio of the students of DLS-CSB

No part of these folios and magazine-journals may be reproduced whether by photocopying, scanning, or by any other means without written permission from the Student Publications Office (SPO) of DLS-CSB.


Any changes made to the Privacy Policy will remain strictly in compliance to national laws on right to privacy. BPC encourages its Users to review the Privacy Policy from time to time to remain updated.


BPC is spearheaded by DLS-CSB’s Student Publications Office (SPO) located at 2/F Br. Miguel Febres Cordero Building, Taft Campus, DLS-CSB, Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines. For inquiries and concerns, contact us at or message us through any of our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.