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Combine the timeless charm of Greek mythology, the seasoned talent of director Riki Benedicto, and the passionate artistry of Benilde’s very own theater company Dulaang Filipino (DF), and you get Oedipus—a phenomenal and internationally-acclaimed production with student-artists on center stage. ... Read More

More than just a celebration of the millennial voice and potential, SCOUT x CSB last May 17 also served as an invitation for students to share their common interests in art and music, as well as feature some of the College’s young talent.   This year’s hangout featured Benildeans such... Read More

“Okay sana siya, kaso parang fuccboi,” she says disgustedly to her friends about you. The notoriety of being labeled a fuccboi does not bode well. Being a fuccboi is a lifestyle, but it is easy to be mistaken for one if you are not aware. This unofficial guide will help you identify and classif... Read More

Tita always scolded and forced us to try walking or cycling instead of commuting to get a bit of fresh air and exercise. Well, the hormonal weather of the tropics is not as pleasant anymore. And since she is left with no choice, Tita opens her Mary Poppins bag to help us survive the rocky roads of M... Read More

As a student with a gajillion things to do and unlimited deadlines, your makeup melting should be the least of your worries. Taft can be a very unforgiving place when you’re walking around, transferring from one building to another, with the sun roasting you like it hates you specifically. It can ... Read More

The third term is sinking in, and you’re preparing your mind and body for the bloodbath that is the last stretch of the year. Put your fists in the air—’cause there’s no point in giving up now—and #fight through the last fourteen weeks with these tunes from music’s most manic muses. Ladi... Read More

// In the last four months, De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) took the centerstage mostly in theater, film, and advocacies in and out the country. The spotlight was also directed to the kind and humble hearts who served the College well. Presenting the third and final part of Benild... Read More

Starting the year off with a bang of awards, Benilde’s success did not stop there. Students gained more opportunities abroad to showcase their skills and talents in prestigious events. The College also upgraded parts of its curriculum during the Transition Term in preparation for the current schoo... Read More

For De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB), 2015 has all been about breaking records, gaining recognition, and establishing connections. Looking back on the year that was, we present to you Benilde’s Best of 2015, a three-part special featuring the milestones the College has reached, Benil... Read More

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