Photos by Dana Santos
Photos by Dana Santos.

Sinulid 2018: Fashion as a reflection of personal challenges

Personal stories came to life through the fashion collections at this year’s Sinulid.

By Benildean Press Corps | Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Showcasing a wide variety of colors, fabric manipulation, and cutting-edge designs, “Sinulid 2018: Stories Unraveled” is a testament to the passion and flair of the College’s Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) students, as seen on the runways on August 2 at SM Aura Premier, Taguig City.

Featuring costumes of sartorial glamour, this year’s Sinulid prides itself as the biggest yet. With 88 students participating and 171 looks showcased, the designers played with various concepts; from organic designs and origami fabric treatments to casual ready-to-wear garments, the collection are now a reality after a year-long process of conceptualization, sampling, and actualization.

Sinulid was divided into two events. While the fashion show reflected the designers’ creative and innovative styling, the fashion exhibit served as the culmination of their branding and courting their garments for public taste.

“This year, we have entitled the event ‘Sinulid: Stories Unraveled’ because we wanted to focus on the students’ stories on how they were going up all the challenges they encountered. They [picked] a certain event in their life and they [turned] it into a collection, so it’s really personal,” Ms. Tracey Tabora, FDM Academic Adviser, said in an interview with The Benildean.

In the annual culminating event and the third installment of Sinulid, the designers were able to explore a variety of fabric manipulation to share their own brand of iconic styling. Daubed with accents of embroidered details and a mixture of bold and muted colors, the wide-ranging collection still maintained to pull off a laid-back approach, combined with sleek and chic styling.

“Before Sinulid, we’ve also had culminating events for graduating students, but we’re officially calling it Sinulid to trademark the entire event for Benilde,” Sinulid Project Head Zeilina Tandoc said.

One of the highlights of the fashion show was when a collection of plus-size, sporty, and quirky swimwear hit up the runway. Its fabric glowed in the dark, exploring its daring and futuristic style. Another highlight of the event was the crowd’s warm welcoming of one of the former beauty queens and the iconic models of the event, Venus Raj. The pool of models who walked the show was a mixture of Benildean students, designers’ personal-hired models, and the fashion models selected by the production company, Saga.

Sinulid is also a platform to provide the College’s FDM students an immersive experience of the fashion industry before establishing their own brand. The designers for the fashion exhibit were able to experience costing processes for signages and racks, while designers for the fashion show were able to experiment various fabric treatments.


“We really want people to understand and to appreciate the creative process that we went through from finding the right inspiration up to translating it into your sketches and fabric treatment,” Tandoc added.


As Sinulid showcases the stories of humble beginnings of its creators, fashion enthusiasts will surely be stunned by the collections of design and styles across boundaries. Practicing individuality while exploring their creative side, Sinulid offers a diverse mix of talent, stories, and identities.




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