Official Statement from Benilde Chancellor Robert Tang
Official Statement from Benilde Chancellor Robert Tang.

Benilde maintains “commitment to integrity of academic processes and standards” amid “Thesis for Sale” controversy

The College broke its silence regarding allegations about a “Thesis for Sale” issue in the Export Management program, highlighting that "any party found guilty will be held accountable.”

By Benildean Press Corps | Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Following a news article published online that accused a College professor of allegedly accepting payment to pass one’s thesis, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Chancellor Robert Tang released an official statement to the Benildean community earlier today, Jan. 28, which emphasizes that the “College maintains its commitment to the integrity of its academic processes and standards in all levels of the organization.”


Tang assured that school authorities are currently conducting an investigation of the report.


“We wish to assure the community that the College understands that this matter requires its immediate and preferential attention. Thus, any party found guilty will be held accountable. The concerned offices have been directed to expedite the investigation process to the extent allowed by the due process requirements of law,” Tang said in his statement.


The Chancellor disclosed in the statement some factors which affect the investigation process, such as the insufficiency of documentary evidence. The main source of the allegation, Ak Paras, was confirmed not enrolled in any thesis course in the duration of the allegation. His narrative was merely endorsed by the Benilde Central Government (CSG) and the School of Management and Information Technology (SMIT).


“He [Paras] was on absence without leave (AWOL) on the First term of school year 2018-2019 and he is not a bona fide student of the College, effective on the second term of the same year,” Tang stated.


Tang also noted that “[it] is a collection of alleged experiences of identified students who did not submit written statements. None of the students cited in the narrative as reported has ever come forward to confirm the accuracy of Mr. Paras’ statements. Mr. Paras himself did not allege that he was a victim.”


Moreover, a letter of explanation was sent by the involved faculty member after the issuance of Notice to Explain to the said faculty. Further investigation will be done by the Human Resources Services in compliance to the faculty’s right to due process and law.


Furthermore, the College is also reviewing the current thesis system and assessing for any loopholes. This is to ensure that each component of the said system is foolproof for any breaches. They are also overseeing a sampling of completed works and whether they meet the course requirements.


Tang ensures the Benildean community that immediate actions are being done by College authorities to solve the said issue, with the investigation processes in full compliance of the law. Those proven to be liable will be held accountable.




Last updated: Tuesday, 1 June 2021