Cover Photo By Ben Allie Antonio
Cover Photo By Ben Allie Antonio.

Get to know more of our Filipino heritage with AIESEC UPM's "Kayumanggi"

In celebration of this year’s National Heritage Month, the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) will spearhead a three-day event curated for the youth and its partners, celebrating Philippine heritage and legacy from May 27 to May 29.

By Ralph Regis | Friday, 21 May 2021

Every May, the Philippines celebrates National Heritage Month, allowing Filipinos to honor the legacy of the Filipino cultural heritage. In partnership with TESOROS Handicrafts, AIESEC UPM’s “Kayumanggi: Celebrating the Identity and Heritage of the Filipino People” aims to make an impact on the Indigenous Peoples (IP) Community and empower the youth in strengthening one’s nationalistic spirit youth beyond usual conferences and webinars.

Through panel discussions, interactive workshops, engaging cross-cultural activities, and this year’s theme of “Victory and Humanity: Upholding Filipino Heritage and Identity,” the celebration aims to emphasize the need to conserve and promote Philippine cultural heritage and Filipino identity at a time of crisis. 

To better understand the Filipino culture and heritage, “Kayumanggi is a project that endeavors to not only invoke a sense of pride and awareness in the youth, but also to reignite their passion in learning about our country’s past,” as stated by AIESEC UPM’s goals.

With an event that features art, history, heritage, and modern day adaptations of our past; here’s what you can expect from the three-day celebration:

  • Day 1 - GUNITA: Unearthing Yesterday’s Gems (May 27)

Welcoming Plenary

The event will formally open with a welcoming plenary and opening remarks from Vice President Leni Robredo. An overview of activities will be discussed by Members of the Organizing Committee. 

Speaker Session

Catch poet, fiction writer, critic, and journalist Louie Jon A. Sanchez and UPM’s Chairman of the Department of Social Sciences in College of Arts and Sciences Jerome Ong as they tackle obscure information about our culture that was not taught by our history books. This includes a piece of Philippine prehistory with pagan gods, mythological creatures, babaylans, and even pangkukulam or witchcraft.

Panel Discussion

Furthermore, Chairman of the National Committee on Northern Cultural Communities at National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Dr. Edwin Antonio, Bagobo K'lata tribe in Davao member Inna Maristela Garcia, Bugkalot community of Nueva Vizcaya representative Frederick Barcelo, and Obo Manobo community in Cotabato representative Jerlyn Mendog Noa will discuss their communities’ traditions, food, and clothing.

Workshop Sessions

Capping of the first day’s activities are workshops specifically designed to hone Filipino excellence among the delegates. Participants will get the opportunity to join four workshop sessions. 

Join Filipino writer and 16-time Palanca Awardee Jose “Butch” Y. Dalisay Jr. in the Story Writing Workshop, Filipino actress, singer, dancer, and the "Star for All Seasons" Vilma Santos-Recto in the Acting Workshop, Filipino singer-songwriter Jim Paredes in the Songwriting Workshop, and dressmaker and designer Riza Bulawan in the Fashion Designing Workshop.

  • Day 2 - DIWANG: Celebrating Filipino Heritage Through the Years (May 28)

Speaker Session

The second day will kick off with a session featuring guest speakers who will be expounding how and why Philippine pop culture has evolved through the ages.

Cross-Cultural Space

Guided by an expert on Filipino heritage, this cultural myth-busting session will interact with indigenous peoples and bring together Filipinos from around the globe; giving them the chance to rediscover their cultural identities.

Culture Night

To give Filipinos an avenue to showcase their craft and discuss Filipino art with like-minded individuals, day two of Kayumanggi will conclude with a Culture Night.


  • Day 3 - KAUGMAON: Moving Forward as One (May 29)

Living libraries

To further cultivate a deeper sense of pride among the delegates, this session will bring together stellar Filipinos from primarily artistic fields. Join Filipina actress Shamaine Buencamino, Ateneo’s Department of Filipino faculty member and film writer-director Dr. Alvin Yapan, Filipino anthropologist and cultural historian Dr. Fernando Zialcita, and Iligan-born writer and teacher Gil Nambatac as they discuss their life stories and encourage more young Filipinos to pursue their dreams. 

Awards Night

This next session will recognize and reward high performing delegates throughout the three-day event.

Kayumanggi: A Benefit Concert

To highlight Filipino excellence and be of service to disenfranchised communities, a benefit concert featuring OPM artists will be held to culminate the three-day celebration.

The event is a platform for raising funds for the benefit of the Lumad indigenous communities, while also advocating for diversity.

A local to global advocacy network, Liyang Network amplifies the calls to action of environmental and human rights defenders in Mindanao, on the frontlines of defending their land, livelihood, and self-determination. 

Composed of and led by Lumad women, the Sabokahan Unity of Lumad Women is a grassroots organization fighting for women’s rights, dignity, and empowerment. 

Help protect the rights of marginalized sectors! You may send in your donations here:


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For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of the delegate coordinators:

To know more about Kayumanggi: click here.

The event is free for Philippine-based delegates and open to all youth and youth organizations in the Philippines. While for foreign delegates, a fee of Php 150 will be charged. 

So, what are you waiting for? Register here and take part in preserving Philippine heritage and culture!

Last updated: Friday, 21 May 2021