Cover Photo By Ben Allie Antonio
Cover Photo By Ben Allie Antonio.

GUILD raises nearly P5,000 for Benilde Community Pantry and SRD Konkokyo

Online game live streamers raised donations for Benilde’s Community Pantry and SRD Konkokyo in another year of GUILD’s Stream Drive this 2021.

By Rdee De La Paz, and Jade Clarito | Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Continuing last year’s success, the Gamers Union for Innovation and Leadership Development (GUILD) spearheaded Stream Drive 2021, a one-week stream-for-a-cause event in partnership with Romançon Gaming and Center for Social Action (CSA) from May 17 to 23 via Facebook Live.


With the goal of encouraging new streamers to produce quality content in the midst of the pandemic, this year’s Stream Drive featured both upcoming gaming streamers and prominent artists in the industry who came together to play and perform for the event. 


Throughout the six days of game streaming, prominent names such as Yuuske, Syfu, Mika Daime, and Jhinius were among the lineup of streamers. Also included are Benildeans gamers S1NX (Vincent Rabot) and Kurtesy (Kurt Cinco) from the Romançon Gaming Valorant team. 


Other streamers who participated in the event are YashurPlays, INGANation, Zekken Yuki, LewiLewi, Perplexer, MiggyL, ItsFunaki, Yulchella, Bea Gatmaitan, Checkmateplays, Mogarc, Arkaneia, Stahboi, Kylitole, Zyne, & Thawzie, LuckyUnlucky, Denielle Pinto, Jeric Presko, Reverant, Paobimbo_, and Tanchichi.


Another addition to this year's event was a podcast episode by The Pisara Tales Podcast, where podcast host and educator Jay-Em Estrella shared his learning experience from being a teacher who found his way to educational podcasts. He also shared how and why people should delve into podcasts and use their voices to convey different topics to the public. 


For the last day of Stream Drive 2021, well-known music artists such as Amiel Sol, The Strays, Kayl Garcia, Why July, Sayawatha Dance Troupe, ONE CLICK STRAIGHT, and Tala performed for the event’s closing.


In an interview with The Benildean, Stream Drive 2021 project manager Will Coronel shared that aside from helping the community, its goal is to expand the reach of the event and introduce Stream Drive as an annual event by GUILD, yet the assurance of next year’s drive is up to the next generation of officers. 


After last year’s success, they were able to establish a better connection with streamers, making it easier for them to contact talents to stream for the event. 


When asked about the importance of charity stream events during the pandemic, Coronel said, “It’s helping people while doing something you love! Not only is it applicable outside of the pandemic, but also in the pandemic. We hope that Stream Drive sparks the interest of others to also stream and help at the same time.”


As of posting, Stream Drive 2021 was able to garner Php 4,645.50 from donations, which will be used to help the organization’s chosen charities.