Cover Photo By Kai Javier
Cover Photo By Kai Javier.

NCAA 96: Yulo finishes 4th in online chess tournament

DLS-CSB’s Adrian Othniel Yulo resigned even before UPHSD’s Carl Zirex Sato ran out of time to play.

By Anna Laganzon | Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Benildean woodpusher Adrian Othniel Yulo finished 4th place after resigning in the match against Carl Zirex Sato of UPHSD Altas during the NCAA 96 online chess tournament earlier today, July 28, on GMA’s GTV channel.

With Yulo’s effective Sicilian defense and Sato’s time-consuming maneuvers, Yulo led the match with time being in his favor. 

However, with one minute remaining on Sato’s clock, Yulo made a blunder that changed the whole course of the match. As Yulo left his Queen’s side defenseless, Sato’s Queen entered Yulo’s side that made his King’s moves limited.

With 30 seconds remaining on Sato’s clock, Yulo decided to resign from the match. In the end, Yulo settled for 4th place while Sato clinched the bronze medal.

The Finals match between Lyceum of the Philippines University's Neymark Digno and Arellano University’s Carl Jaedrianne Ancheta is set to air tomorrow, July 29, at 3:00 p.m. via GTV.