Photo From Cob Unlocked Wander Into The Impossible Official Facebook Page
Photo From Cob Unlocked Wander Into The Impossible Official Facebook Page.

Adapting to change: Two resto owners share business resilience in DLSU-COB event

Among its other activities, “COB Unlocked: Wander into the Impossible” also featured two famous restaurant owners and their inspirational business stories during this pandemic.

By Anna Laganzon | Wednesday, 15 September 2021


DLSU’s Ramon V. Del Rosario-College of Business (RVR-COB) launched its first live webinar, “Counterflow-Stakes and Strategies of dine-in restaurants in the COVID-19 Pandemic,” on Aug. 20 via Facebook Live, featuring two industry professionals and exceptional speakers who shared their business stories during this pandemic.


The event featured Mrs. Malu Gamboa Lindo, General Manager of Cirkulo, Milky Way, Tsukiji, and Azuthai Restaurants; and Mr. Edwin Vergara, owner of Mang Tootz Foodhouse. 


Adapting to change

Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases and government-imposed lockdowns, dine-in activities have come to a halt. With this, restaurant owners like Mrs. Lindo and Mr. Vergara admitted that the pandemic damaged the dining experience that customers are looking for, but limiting this experience helped them keep their staff and customers safe during this pandemic.


They shared that while they had to stop for a while due to government restrictions, they found new ways to interact with their customers and continue to meet their needs despite the pandemic. With this, Mrs. Lindo and Mr. Vergara had to learn new skills, such as booking rides and using various social media platforms to communicate with their riders, clients, and even resellers.


“When our business became purely take-out, I had to catch up with all the digital platforms to develop new channels of distribution via delivery services, online e-commerce sites, Viber groups, and resellers. I had to educate myself on how Beep, Food Panda, Grab Food, and all these other [applications] work to get us online quickly,” Mrs. Lindo stated.


Despite the current challenges posed, both speakers discussed some pointers that participants should keep in mind when running a business in the new normal.


Mrs. Lindo emphasized three key points to remember during this pandemic: bravery, positivity, and patience. 


Bravery. That is what it takes to go forward in an uncertain situation to reinvent processes and to ask your staff and your customers to get used to a new way of doing things. Be Positive. I strongly believe that people will eventually dine out and celebrate with a vengeance when this is all over, and we want to be ready for that. Be Patient. At the very root of the virtue of patience is a graceful and grateful attitude towards time,” she shared.


Meanwhile, Mr. Vergara emphasized the importance of being prepared for ups and downs in our daily lives. “Tiyaga! Maging matiyaga ka sa pagtatrabaho mo. Dito sa puso, isapuso mo ‘yung pagtatrabaho mo, tapos damihan mo ‘yung dasal [mo]... Be prepared for ups and downs!”


Wander into the Impossible

“COB Unlocked: Wander into the Impossible” is a week-long event that aims to be the vibe that conquers the impossible through recognizing diverse identities and accomplishments and, most importantly, strengthening COB students’ individual and collective growth during this pandemic.


The week-long event launched different activities such as the COB Hall of Fame, an online exhibit to commemorate the triumphs of the largest college of DLSU; COB on Air, an online podcast series featuring COB students' experiences; COB-Owned Forum, an online platform for entrepreneurs to share their stories; and Why We Matter Campaign, a video series highlighting the diverse roster of the college.


They also launched the Business Leaders Conference, a three-day event aimed at bringing students from various universities together to come up with a proposal for dealing with the pandemic; COB Caravan, a live series of workshops geared toward all COB students; and COB Games, a series of mini-games for COB students.


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