Cover Photo Courtesy Of Benilde Comelec
Cover Photo Courtesy Of Benilde Comelec.

Aspiring officers present plans in Benilde COMELEC’s Miting de Avance

In hopes of securing a position in CSG and SSG, candidates introduced their platforms and plans of action for the academic year.

By Zophia Emmanuelle Tendido, and Rachelle Tonelada | Monday, 18 October 2021

To officially meet the qualified Central Student Government (CSG) and School Student Government (SSG) candidates, the Benilde Commission on Elections (COMELEC), together with Benilde Debate Varsity (BDV), launched its annual Miting De Avance via Facebook Live on Oct. 16.


Benilde COMELEC Adviser and Student Involvement Unit Head Ms. Karen Barby Asuncion gave the opening remarks.


“Being in the student government will teach you many things: respect, integrity, courage, and humility—use this in service of your Benildean family. And to our dear Benildean students, this is time for you to know the candidates, listen and know them; they will be your voice and support as you journey with us in Benilde,” Ms. Asuncion stated, highlighting her admiration for the candidates who chose to run and present their plans and platforms amidst the online modality. 


“May this process teach us to appreciate one’s uniqueness, to respect each one’s capabilities, and to know what is real and right, to value true service and the importance of exercising our votes. This is not just for this time only but [it will] be carried over once we cast our votes a few months from now. So with that, good luck and let us all support our future Benildean leaders.”


CSG and SSG candidates were formally introduced by the hosts Benilde COMELEC's Commissioner for Electoral Affairs Gabriel Bosita and Vice Commissioner for Electoral Affairs Trey Sison. The following is the categorized list of the candidates, the positions they are running for, and their official platforms: 


Central Student Government Executive Board:

  • Justine Grace Mendoza: Committed to easing the academic life of the students by lobbying for a #NoTuitionFeeIncrease in the College; facilitate round table discussion on pressing social and political issues to ensure that students remain engaged and vocal about political, social, and economic climate; and real-world preparation programs to tackle the new normal working environment. 


School Student Government:

    • School of Diplomacy and Governance (SDG)
      • PRESIDENT:
  • Ian Vince Romulus Guina: Unify the SDG and ensure an even representation of voices within the community; establish collaboration and participation with other organizations, student-faculty meetings, other departments, universities, and student coalitions on agendas that are aligned to the vocation of serving the students and the masses in the heart of Diplomacy and Governance, and; strengthen the internal functions of the SDG through regular workshops, orientations, training sessions, and team-building activities.
      • SECRETARY:
  • Bianca Isabelle Andal: Establish transparency mechanisms that will address student needs and concerns and give students an avenue to communicate with one another; administer career talks, career plannings, and real-world skills such as calculating taxes and knowing what government IDs are needed when you graduate, and; capacitate the student body through SSG leadership training. 
        • Diane Jane Marquez: Strengthen communication between officers and student body and engage the SDG community through publications for current events and projects.   
  • Elizabeth Kakizaki: Foster and strengthen inclusivity, transparency, and diplomacy in the community of SDG by administering INTERAKTIV Zoom meets and Benilde Discord Safe Spaces where the students could raise concerns, questions, and issues. 
  • Andrea Ysabel Alba Melendez: Cultivate an environment of inclusivity for a fresh start by providing the students the programs and processes necessary for a platform to interact and communicate any clarifications and uncertainties; administer an accessible online service desk for all Frosh related concerns. 
    • School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (SHRIM)
      • SECRETARY:
        • Catherine Anne Wong: Establish a strong link between the student body and the administration; promote communication and transparency with regard to the development of SHRIM-SSG, and; engage the SHRIM community for political awareness and involvement in national affairs. 
        • Kyle Nicole Diorella Viola: Build stronger connections between the administration and the student body that will help foster services; provide students with a platform to unwind while offering frontline workers financial relief, and; build transparency with the student body through updates and reports and the extension of the reach of constituency checks for more feedback and updates from the students regarding their welfare or status.
  • Calista Asela Aquino: Ensure the continuous delivery of quality education in online modality through open forums and help desks to allow the students to voice out their concerns, and; guarantee a #LigtasBalikEskwela by providing assistance and measures that would properly administer the safe transition. 
  • Princess Jenny Aniscol: Advocate for mental health awareness within the College, and explore the school year by “inspiring the students to follow their heart.” 
        • Liezl Anne Niervez: Strengthen students' right to information by providing them the platform where they could access the opportunity to voice their concerns and grievances and promote transparency and inclusivity. 
    • School of Management and Information Technology (SMIT)
  • Editha Eunica Rose Dagsaan: Improve student services through the Engage, Connect, and Participate (ECP) framework that would help convert plans into actions; advocates for transparency and a “progressive student body.” 
        • Tricia Kaye Jarencio: Mobilize mental health awareness in the college and implement the 3D Framework (Deter, Detect, Defend) against cyberbullying to address the issues of online learning.
    • School of Design and Arts (SDA)
      • PRESIDENT:
  • Nicole Anne Lazaro: Bolster transparency and enhance management; prioritize artistic opportunities for students to be more adept, and; create an enhanced Student Related Concerns (SRC) service for Safe Spaces and advocate mental health awareness. 
        • John Romel Ortua: Prioritize the enhancement of student services; establish a student body that is safe, solid, informed, and dignified, and; administer national awareness and student participation through movement and art. 
      • SECRETARY:
        • Janelle Villagarcia: Prioritize mental health awareness and safe spaces in the online setup and enhance team and leadership training to foster better management and transparency in the school student government. 
  • Ysabella Wuthrich: Foster an online safe space through enhanced student services and establish a Tutoring Discord Sessions Server and an Art Appreciation Server to capacitate students in the online modality.
  • Christian Miguel Gonzalo: Promote the mental health and well-being of students in the online modality and create a more diverse class experience for SDA. 
        • Jim Alexandra Pidlaoan Palacio: Spearhead for a safe environment where students could flourish in self-love; capacitate the student body by creating professional workshops that would connect the SDA student community, and; reinforce face-to-face safety protocols within the College. 
    • School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS)
      • PRESIDENT: 
  • Jeanette Diolola: Serve the student body and create awareness on pressing issues of the College and the country in the Deaf community. 
      • John Riven Canilang: Provide a Filipino Sign Language Orientation and facilitate a protection mechanism among the deaf community. 


The open forum was facilitated by the Benildean Debate Varsity (BDV) officers, which tackled pressing concerns and ambiguities regarding the platforms laid in the candidates’ speeches and campaign materials. Candidates were given the opportunity to provide a comprehensive and substantive explanation to the projects they are vying to implement once elected in their respective positions. 


The floor was also opened for discussions where questions gathered from students and the comment sections were addressed. These highlighted topics on the upcoming national elections in 2022 and how they will ensure a #LigtasBalikEskwela for the Benildean community as a “supposed to be” forefront agenda in response to the changing environment of the pandemic.


Benilde COMELEC Chairperson Samantha Aguirre formally closed the Miting de Avance, thanking the candidates, organizers, and organization advisers for making the event possible. 


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Despite the challenges that our candidates might face in the future, I hope that they will be able to implement them and make some changes that we aspire to have. Don’t forget that it is in your hands [Benildeans] to whom the position will be given,” Aguirre stated. 


Expressing deep appreciation, she further encouraged the student body to utilize their right to suffrage and vote in the 2021 General and Frosh elections. 


The schedules for the succeeding event are as follows:

  • Campaign period is extended until Oct. 24, 2021

Note: Posting of campaign materials such as videos, photos, and posters in social media platforms is strictly prohibited by Oct. 25, 2021 and shall be removed. 

  • Oct. 25-27, 2021: Voting period and Election proper 
  • Oct. 29, 2021: Announcement of the Official CSG and SSG candidates for Academic Year 2021-2022

Further updates and announcements on the upcoming Frosh and General Elections will be posted on Benilde COMELEC’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts under the hashtags #BenildeMitingDeAvance and #BenildeOnlineElections2021.




Last updated: Monday, 18 October 2021