Banner Layout By Reina Cruz
Banner Layout By Reina Cruz.

Unleash your love for the arts with Youth and Arts Zone 2023!

Prepare yourselves for exciting events and activities celebrating the arts across the Benilde campuses from Feb. 3 to Mar. 3! #YAZ2023 #LAM18

By Francis Gatuslao | Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Immerse yourself in creativity and culture as the Benilde Culture and Arts Unit (BCAU) presents the newly rebranded Youth and Arts Zone (YAZ) 2023, formerly named the “Lasallian Arts Month” (LAM), which aims to bring a series of events celebrating the arts to Benildean campuses this February and March. 


Check out the events we know so far!


YAZ Opening and Art Gift

Listen to the event kicked off at the Design and Arts Campus (DAC), Taft Campus Cafeteria, and Greenway Square as they showcased a recorded skit and promoted the upcoming activities and new rebranding of YAZ 2023 for the event’s 18th year. The skit is also available online through BCAU’s post if you missed it.


To tease the different events for the month, BCAU invites everyone to visit Greenway Square, DAC Lobby, and AKIC Lobby and check out different art installations, hinting at the different exciting events to come.


Other upcoming activities

Head over to Greenway Square, learn about basic shadowplay, and learn sustainable art making for Art Break: Kalye Guhit this Feb. 17. While more information has yet to be announced, stay tuned for Art Ammo on Feb. 24 at the DAC Theater, and an online event  Young People Power on Feb. 25 on BCAU’s Facebook and the BCAU and Art is Here Youtube channel.


Mark your calendars and join in on the festivities and celebration of YAZ! Be sure to check everything out, as you might see surprise events along the way.

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