Cover Photo By Kevin Sembrano
Cover Photo By Kevin Sembrano.

#SupportLocal through Komiket 2023’s over 500 featured artists

Look back on the artists, artists, and even more artists featured in this year’s Komiket 2023!

By Wallace Beltran | Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Komiket 2023, the local art and komiks convention, returned with over 500 participating creators at SM Megamall on March 4 to 5. Reminisce the experience, #SupportLocal, and discover the emerging artists and “komikeros” of the industry.


Notable artists included Tarantadong Kalbo (@KevinKalbo), who usually attends and sells stickers, zines, and even charms of his iconic Tumindig character. Artist Haranikala (@haranikala) was also present, selling prints and some stickers.


Benildean artists were also present at the convention. In an official interview with The Benildean, ID112 Animation alumna Erika Chelsea Oleta, also known as oletarts on Twitter, recalls her first experience artist alleying through the Benilde Animation Festival alongside other artists. “My personal favorite (part of artist alleys) is hearing people comment about my work as if I’m not on the other side of the table,” she laughed, sharing now as a regular artist alley participant.


Freelance illustrator Gussparr Chua, also known as Gusstelier on Twitter, happily shared his sentiments saying, “By far the best thing that happened this Komiket 2023 was my self-published and produced artbook selling out,” echoing the number of people the convention attracted.

Oleta invites everyone to check out her one-shot comic LOVEPROOF! on Ko-fi and gank. Meanwhile Chua urges people to keep on the lookout for the upcoming spin-off of his art book and a possible comic featuring his original characters.


Additionally, other organizations were also present with their own tables. With the likes of an independent online Filipino comics platform, Penlab Ink had its own table as they sold different Filipino-made komiks. Komiket’s very own table also sold different merchandise from their partners themselves.


Visit Komiket’s upcoming event, “Komiket Katipunan,” to be held at the University of the Philippines Town Center on March 31 to April 2. If you’re interested in an artist alley, apply for Komiket Pride this June 2 to 4 here—LGBTQIA+ artists are prioritized! 


For more information on these events and upcoming updates, visit Komiket’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.



Last updated: Wednesday, 8 March 2023