Photo By Lexa Chua
Photo By Lexa Chua.

Center for Learning Resources hosts first ever Benilde Book Fair

Missed the Benilde Book Fair? Check out our recap of the three-day event and the many textbooks it brought closer to the Benildean community!

By Lexa Chua | Tuesday, 19 September 2023

The first-ever Benilde Book Fair, organized by the Br. Fidelis Leddy Center for Learning Resources (CLR), made its mark at The Atrium @ Benilde Lobby on Sept. 5 to 7. Members of the Benildean community browsed and purchased textbooks suited to their disciplines and interests.


The Benilde Book Fair was created for those who wished to explore and discover new resources and materials that cannot be found physically or virtually in regular bookstores. Participating partners included Megatexts Phil., Inc., Forefront Book Co., Inc., Golden Books Services Inc., CE-Logic by C & E Adaptive Learning Solutions, F & J de Jesus, Inc., and Serv Enterprises.  


Reintroducing the physical alongside the digital

The books displayed featured a variety of topics and subjects, depending on needs of the students and Benilde degree programs. Examples of the textbook topics offered were Architectural Techniques, Python Coding, Food Sciences, and Business Management, among others. Students and professors were given a firsthand look at the available goods, some of which were imported textbooks and manuals, and not often found at a typical bookshop. 


The main goal of the publishers, as well as the CLR, was to provide more concrete sources of information and books that are appropriate for students' needs, allowing them to examine and carefully analyze selections that are suitable for them.  


Some publishers interviewed at the Benilde Book Fair expressed similar concerns about the future of the relationship between physical books and students who have become accustomed to online classrooms and materials. 


According to Ms. Florida Ubando, General Manager of Serv Enterprises, these physical books are still important even in the digital age as it aids better in retention.


“Reading books is different from having it online—kasi ang retention, matagal sa mind,”  she shared.


A behind-the-scenes look 

Ms. Vanessa Napoles, Head Librarian of the Technical Services Unit, shared the process of preparing for the Benilde Book Fair. Relevant and up-to-date titles were carefully chosen and acquired to meet the needs of students, professors, and associates. Originally, acquisitions were conducted via visiting the respective publishers’ warehouses; this year, the publishers were instead brought on campus—which was a first for the CLR.


“Academically, as the library, how do we support the learners? By providing relevant, up-to-date resources,” Ms. Napoles told The Benildean.


In addition, logistics of the book fair included thorough arrangement to keep the books safe from damage—especially in the days leading up to the event, when inclement weather proved difficult for both vendors and organizers.


According to Ms. Napoles,  the event met its goal of increasing community accessibility. She also mentioned that the Benilde Book Fair, as well as other similar events, will make a return in the future.

Last updated: Tuesday, 19 September 2023
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