Articles by Kate Loreno

Tuesday, 11 May 2021 - BLIPEntertainment
Revealing more unfathomable truths in Girl From Nowhere: Season 2 Last May 7, Thai anthology series “Girl From Nowhere” returned for its second season—transporting you to the chilling mysteries of Nanno and diving into more unearthly secrets and mysteries.
Wednesday, 5 May 2021 - BLIPEntertainment
Break through the darkness in Netflix’s “Shadow and Bone” Premiered last April 23, Netflix introduced an epic and thrilling fantasy-drama adaptation of the beloved series of novels to a much larger audience.
Friday, 30 April 2021 - BLIPCollege / LifeCulturePeople
Inside the internet: Solidarity versus the common enemy In today’s political climate, the online stratosphere has set fire to flames in social media asking the government for empathy, accountability, and justice—you know...the bare minimum?
Monday, 5 April 2021 - BLIPCulture
“GALAW! GALAW!” explores expanding creativities out of quarantine walls A creative outlet combining visual art and photography urges Filipinos to move out of their four-cornered walls—whilst bringing a resurgence of digital contemporary art.
Sunday, 28 February 2021 - BLIPCollege / Life
Showcasing the best SDA has to offer Here’s your chance to rediscover and experience college life with SDA Week from March 1 to 5!