Most commonly known as one of the local music scene’s go-to gig places, the intimacy of Saguijo Bar in Makati was the perfect avenue for one of Benilde’s homegrown talents, pop band One Click Straight, to launch the music video (MV) for their soulful ode to heartbreak "Listen" from the Nostalgic... Read More

Year after year, Independence Day is a national holiday most of us take as time off from the daily grind of work and school. In between our grandparents’ retelling of heroic battle stories to taking a trip out-of-town with our family, let us not forget the true essence of June 12: celebrating our ... Read More

Just when we thought 2016 was the worst year, 2017 seems to have its own tricks up its sleeve with the never-ending news on unresolved war conflicts and infuriating public figures. Take a break and dive into this phlegmatic playlist we curated for all the #woke youngsters who have had it from all... Read More

If the past few years revived the grunge aesthetic of the 1990s, this year certainly marks the comeback of the bold, rhinestone-clad and somewhat tacky trends of the early aughts. Characterized by the influence of ‘It’ girls Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, the golden age of Disney Channe... Read More

The calm, waiting silence that fills the jampacked and dimly lit room suddenly dissipates once he drops the beat, where his lines tug at relevant political issues, mixed with visions of 90’s anime culture portrayed by his words. The lyrics, the rhythm, all these are displayed with dominance over h... Read More

Sun-kissed skin, tan lines, and sand spangled hair; summer’s ever so near so be ready to unveil the beach body you've sacrificed not eating sinful fatty foods to achieve. Start filling your weekenders to the brim and emptying your piggy banks as you gear up for vacation mode. Of course, don't forg... Read More

Thursday 30 March 2017

At some point, one realizes all they ever needed was to take a step back and reminisce. Take a breather before the avalanche of pre-finals stresses with a nostalgic “feels trip” through this time capsule of classic jams of old Manila. Featuring the timeless classics of Cinderella, VST &... Read More

  Without realizing it, we made it to the last page of the month of March in the barely-touched planner you bought with only-God-knows-how-much coffee. Caught in the middle of post-midterms relief, pre-finals anxiety, and just life in general, you find yourself slowly falling into a slump a ... Read More

Illustrated by Jaz Yabut Original Pinoy music (OPM) will always have a special place in our hearts and on our playlists. Forget the pang-tito or pang-jeje label you, at one time or another, gave to Pinoy chart-toppers. The new kids in town are very different from how the previous generations belt... Read More

Once known as a soul revival movement, neo-soul best represents the evolution of popular music, and is the genre of those who are anything but ordinary. The love child of R&B and soul has made a name for itself with its predominant female presence, deviation from electronic influence, and re... Read More

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