Cover Photo By Willem Dimas
Cover Photo By Willem Dimas.

Revealing more unfathomable truths in Girl From Nowhere: Season 2

Last May 7, Thai anthology series “Girl From Nowhere” returned for its second season—transporting you to the chilling mysteries of Nanno and diving into more unearthly secrets and mysteries.

By Kate Loreno, and Marinel Peroy | Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Based on eight real news stories of injustice, Netflix’s “Girl From Nowhere” Season 2 depicts more harrowing narratives with protagonist Nanno exposing a new batch of students and faculty members by giving them their well-deserved karma. But this time, she won’t be doing it alone.


Reprising her role of Nanno, Chicha “Kitty” Amatayakul returns with a newfound vengeance alongside the season’s guest stars: Teeradon Supapunpinyo (Bad Genius) as Nanai, Phantira Pipityakorn as Jen, Ploy Sornarin as Junko, and Bhumibhat Thavornsiri (Happy Old Year) as K. 


Moreover, unfinished business and extreme punishments await Nanno’s red-ribbon tied hair frenemy Yuri (Nink Chanya McClory). Serving as her alter ego, Yuri challenges Nanno’s bestowed evilness by convincing the characters to acquire justice through violent retaliation. 


Dark secrets uncovered

Serving the plate of violence, new characters are bound to the social injustices beyond the school grounds setting. The season adds more spice to the storylines by incorporating issues of misogyny, beauty standards, and capitalism, weaved seamlessly into episodes.


Roughly nine months leading up to its release, the production began in August 2020. The second season’s unnerving cinematography, thrilling jump scares, actors’ stellar performances, and entire production are to be commended despite the limitations of the  COVID-19 pandemic. 


The twists and turns of the second season keep everyone on the edge of their seats and clueless to what comes next. 


Challenging evilness

As the first season is a constant thriller adventure, the second season takes more of a gradually-increasing intensity. Nanno continues her uncanny ways by imposing guilt and death upon her victims to give them a taste of their own medicine—but now, she is met with self-doubt through someone who can trifle with her. 


Though terrifying and thrilling to watch, the first few episodes are slow-paced. Exploring gray areas of different societal issues, the latter stories have become more riveting despite the all-over-the-place and confusing start. Generally, the series gives an uphill climb of shock and eeriness to Nanno and her newly found match.


Displaying triggering scenes of rape, suicide, blood, and gore, the series is not suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised. 


However, this season has shown Nanno being more vulnerable, as depicted in her dynamic relationship with Yuri. Throughout the episodes, both are seen one-upping each other by striving to be the best game player in the scene. 


Episodes to look out for:

  • Episode 4: “Yuri” - Nanno tries to help a poor girl from being a servant to her rich friends. Until one night, in a massive turn of events, Nanno finally meets her match. 


  • Episode 6: “Liberation” - Students seem to live in the black-and-white world as they are expected to blindly follow the rules at Pantanwittaya school. But you guessed it, Nanno breaks the rules and challenges its conformity. 


  • Episode 7: “JennyX” - A popular influencer named Jenny is being exploited by her parents for profit. Nanno helps change her image and live a "normal life.”


Overall, the unpredictable surprises, alongside the show’s improved make up and special effects, make the audience’s heart race as they outdo their last season—truly a well-deserved ranking at #1 in the Top 10 on Netflix Philippines, as of writing. 


Hear Nanno’s chilling laugh the second time around as all episodes of Girl From Nowhere: Season 2 are now available on Netflix.