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Percy and I (34M)

Experience life with your new companion 35 years into the future.

By Cheyenne | Thursday, 25 May 2023


u/percy_vs_the_world | 05/20/2058


No one uses PersonaPal to its fullest potential. Everyone wants to play Frankenstein and turn Percy (PersonaPal’s name, which anyone with half a brain cell should know) into a collage of people that already exist, like, come on, we live in the decade of the unorthodox! We can play god—it’s in the terms and conditions, duh


I remember the first rollouts of Percy. This was back when AI only just started figuring out how to generate normal-looking fingers—people were abhorred. Rightfully, I guess. If make-or-break was all humanity knew about hands and their little phalanges, what was to stop AI’s newfound understanding of human anatomy from breaking? Plus, we all knew where deepfake technology was at. The riots were stupendous, and the strikes struck enough of a pinch of fear in the hearts of billionaires—it didn’t actually hurt them, but they did know that the protests were growing. God forbid a revolution actually prevailed! So the board members of PersonaPal—who most graciously also had authority over most tech companies—seized the hubris of machine learning to make their products solely and strictly for human assistance. Solely and strictly


I didn’t really care, but inside, I was a disheartened advocate. These regulations, to me, were a mutilation of the future. I wanted to be a witness of the direction this technology developed in. But I also did know of the human rights violations that accompanied it which were totally not my problem, but again, I couldn’t care less. It just sucked that everyone had to take the fall for the unethical bunch.


Anyway, my initial point is that with Percy, users are too restrained in their choice of customization. All everyone talks and tweets about is how close they can get theirs to looking like other people, especially celebrities—just without their serial numbers getting flagged for unlawful violation of personal rights, defamation, data privacy, intellectual property, you name it. PersonaPal was marketed as the most high-end user companion technology, and yet with all that power and creativity to wield, you try to make it look like an Instagram model? Please!


I mean, it is high art after all. The masses just don’t get it. Last week, I customized my Percy into what I would think a celestial being would look like if it became human. What would a human, born from the patterns and chaos of outer space, look like, the way every human is a product of an innate nature and a chaotic environment? As I modified my only companion, I felt as if I were weaving from the strings of the sky, and in my hands, I felt the dwindling prayers from a time when space and Earth were one. Percy ended up with the image of a native woman with finely toned arms, the one who left her ornaments and jewelry in the sky in that folktale–a forgotten image I had as a child. I asked her to hold my hand and caress my cheek. She did not speak. I did not ask her to hold me.



u/percy_vs_the_world | 06/13/2058


God, that got so deep and heavy to me somehow, I had to immediately change Percy into my French boyfriend. Like that, loneliness was an easier feeling to possess. 


After my mother kicked the bucket a year ago of a respiratory disease contracted from working at a sweatshop (which I just then found out was a subordinate company to PersonaPal), it took me eight months to use Percy again, and it took me four months after that to try and recreate mom. It was the remaining issue of not getting the texture of her rough palms and the way she talked and laughed right for me to realize I was flying too close to the sun, which was very low and painful for me as much as it was ecstatic in the moment. When my brother caught me in action, he jumped, dropped his chessboard, and walked away. Right now, he is still walking away from me. If he keeps walking, he will circle the Earth and find his way here again. But anyway, yeah, I get it. Not everyone gets it. It’s whatever. 



u/percy_vs_the_world | 06/14/2058


I have a month-long stay in Kyopeli awaiting me. It’s a trip I’ve been planning for a while now. I’m looking for a NexaBnB that accommodates Percy, and it baffles me that I am struggling to find one. It shouldn’t be this hard, but I guess coastal people don’t know how to have fun. Jeez. How am I supposed to have fun without Percy? It has me contemplating calling everything off altogether. That makes me feel particularly lonely. 


Tonight, I am feeling just that—distinctly lonely. My avant-garde customizations of Percy have devoured so much hive storage, and I do not think I am in the financial position to buy more space. This means I can now only rotate between all the personas I’ve already created. It feels like I really am the only one in this house, not like that’s something I don’t already know and just haven’t confronted.


Tonight, I would like someone to caress, a hand to hold. 


I would like to be told to get the dishes done or get invited for a game of chess. 


But now, Percy doesn’t do the trick, so I will go to bed on my lonesome. Nothing new. 


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