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INTERAKTIV 2023 welcomes ID123 students to Benilde

Weren’t able to make it to the first three schedules? Fret not! Catch the last day of the most dazzling and exciting Frosh orientation of the year on Aug. 29! #INTERAKTIV2023

By Renee Aguila | Sunday, 27 August 2023

With a limited face-to-face return, Benilde’s Frosh orientation program, INTERAKTIV takes center stage this year, welcoming its incoming batch of Frosh and transferees into the vibrant Benildean community on Aug. 22, 23, 26, and 29. Spearheaded by Student Trainers, INTERAKTIV aims to put on a fun and engaging program for the new students to familiarize themselves with the Benildean life and culture. 


Inspired by the spectacle and camaraderie of the hit musical film, The Greatest Showman, INTERAKTIV 2023 will roll up the curtains for the newest batch of Benildeans with #TheINTERAKTIVShow. The Frosh orientation program aims to celebrate the Benildean spirit, and highlight the College’s commitment to inclusion, individuality, and personal growth. Moreover, it hopes to nurture each student’s distinctive potential to make their own unique impact on the world. 


INTERAKTIV kicked off with a livestream and website launch on Aug. 22. Incoming students learned more about the Benildean student life through the experiences shared by current Benildeans and alumni. Additionally, there were games scattered throughout the livestream for the Frosh to enjoy and win prizes from. On the other hand, the website consists of information about INTERAKTIV, navigating around Benilde, and it even has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to assist students who may have queries.


Incoming students were also treated to a campus tour on Aug. 23, 26, giving them an opportunity to know more about Benilde’s facilities, and engage with their fellow peers.  The last leg will be on Aug. 29. 


The corresponding dates of each degree program’s orientation and campus tour are as follows: 


Aug. 23

Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (BS-HRIM)

Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management (BS-IHM)

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM)

Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management/ Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries Management (ABAM/ABCIM)

Bachelor of Arts in Music Production (ABMP)

Bachelor of Arts in Production Design (AB-PROD)

Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts (ABTHA)

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Culture-Based Arts(BFA-CBA)

Bachelor in Performing Arts, Major in Dance (BPAD)

Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising (AB-FDM)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS-ARCH)

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design (BS-ID)

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BS-IND)


Aug. 26

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Intelligence and Analytics (BSBA-BIA)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Computer Applications (BSBA-CA)

Bachelor of Science in Interactive Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (BSIEMC)

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BS-IS)

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity (BSCSEC)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Export Management/ Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Export and Global Business Management (BSBA-EM/BSBA-EGBM)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Management (BSBA-HRM)

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management (BS-REM)

Bachelor of Science in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BS-SIE)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Management (BSBA-BM)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management (BSBA-MM)

Bachelor in Holistic Disciplines (BHOLD)

Bachelor in Applied Deaf Studies (BAPDST)

Bachelor in Sign Language Interpretation (BSLI)

Bachelor of Arts Major in Diplomacy and International Affairs (AB-DIA)

Bachelor of Arts in Governance and Public Affairs (AB-GPA)


Aug. 29

Bachelor of Arts in Animation

Bachelor of Arts in Film

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (ABMMA)

Bachelor of Arts in Photography

The students will also channel their school spirit by witnessing special performances by the Benilde Culture and Arts Unit and the Benilde Blazers Pep Squad. Not to mention other knowledgeable speakers and facilitators were also present to guide students throughout the event, creating a memorable and splendid experience for attendees.


Incoming ID 123 students are also expected to finish the modules on INTERAKTIV 2023’s website here for full CSBLIFE accreditation.

For more information and updates on INTERAKTIV 2023, you can check out the Student Trainers’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.